Bob Reina Pens Second Article For MarTech Advisor With Powerful Video Marketing Advice

MarTech Advisor recently published a guest article by Bob Reina, founder and CEO of the popular video marketing company, Talk Fusion. This was Bob’s second guest article published within a year on MarTech Advisor’s site. It focused on video marketing, why it is a powerful tool and what is new in the field. MarTech Advisor has a reader base of well over 1 million people, and it is still growing.

Bob Reina Talks Top 2017 Video Advertising Trends

Bob’s article pinpointed the most popular video advertising techniques used in 2016 and explained why they are especially useful in 2017. He also talked about popular styles of videos. According to his research, over 60 percent of businesses incorporated video into their marketing strategies in 2016. Bob pointed out that video storytelling was an emerging trend in 2016. People have a need to feel connected or find common ground when they are hearing information. Personal stories in the form of marketing can help people feel that connection to identify a similar pain point, need or desire within themselves. Even explaining the history of a product or an idea can help people feel more connected to it.

Another hot topic covered in the article was live streaming. Bob explained how instant broadcasting intrigues people and demands their attention. He made a powerful point on this subject, which is that raw and unedited content helps foster trust in people by creating transparency. Temporary video content was another trend in 2016. When people know that content is only going to be available for a short time, Bob said that they are more likely to view it. Multi-angle videos that allow users to pan to different points were also popular. Bob explained that these trends should not distract marketers from the ever-present value of email marketing for delivery of content. Videos sent via email were far more likely to reach a receptive audience than any other form of advertising delivery. Bob cited a study showing that over 70 percent of survey participants preferred email marketing than website ads or other forms of advertisements.

Developing And Sharing Ideas

After the views on Bob’s first article skyrocketed, MarTech realized that the demand for his valuable insight was growing. In response to being asked to write a second article, Bob said that he was pleased to help. He also stated that he was always happy to share insight and vision with interested readers. Bob expressed his desire to see people grow in their acceptance and use of video marketing, and he emphasized that now is the time to start building a strategy.

At Talk Fusion, Bob is responsible for analyzing consumer marketing trends for different mediums. He develops ideas and pitches them to the IT professionals at the company. Bob said that video is more than a useful medium and is the most valuable asset for advertisers in today’s world. Video Email was the name of his company’s first product in 2004. When Bob thought of the idea, he said that he worked with it because of its uncapped potential. Although it took time to improve and grow in popularity, it has become the most powerful form of conveying a marketing message today.

Bob included some tips in his article for MarTech Advisor to help people become more effective video marketers. He encouraged readers to capitalize on the growing trend while it is still evolving and to use the latest techniques. Many companies have used these tips to make their own creative marketing videos that incorporate trendy styles and techniques. Videos are shareable and can go viral if there is a useful, powerful or even comical message. Bob has also contributed valuable marketing advice to the Huffington Post.

About Bob Reina

Bob is most known for being the leading pioneer in email video marketing. In 2004, he was trying to capture a video of a potential home to purchase and email it to his family. The video clip was 10 seconds long but could not be attached. Bob wondered why such a small clip could not attach and be sent. The idea hit him that if a video could be sent through email, it could be used in many innovative ways. He immediately realized that he could market the idea by simply sharing his story about wanting to send the video clip of the home. Although it had never been done at that point, Bob saw the potential and jumped on it. He shared the idea with a good friend of his who was a tech genius. The two worked together to develop the idea, which led to Talk Fusion. The Video Email product was released the same year, and Talk Fusion developed more products as time passed.

When Bob sees a need or a problem, he tries to find a solution. This mindset is a big part of his success as an entrepreneur and marketer. Also, he attributes his success to his strong will and persistence. Bob sets clear deadlines for himself and sticks to them. One of Bob’s strongest philosophies is that great success comes with great responsibilities. With that idea in mind, Bob regularly makes charitable donations. He donated $1 million to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society to help save the lives of many animals. Bob also donates regularly to an Indonesian orphanage. He makes donations when there are disasters such as the massive earthquakes in Japan and Nepal. Giving back inspires Bob to do more. He recently started a program to let any interested and generous Talk Fusion associate donate a free account to a charity. They can pick the charity. The free account is the top-tier option that includes customization, branding and access to all Talk Fusion products. These free account gifts have helped many charities and nonprofit organizations spread their messages.

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