Daniel Mark Harrison: A Global, Cryptocurrency Visionary

To be an entrepreneur with a vision for business all over the world describes the goals of Daniel Mark Harrison, a businessman with a propensity toward success in a variety of ways. Born in London, Daniel Mark Harrison began his studies at the esteemed University of Oxford. Daniel Mark Harrison is nothing if not un-traditional. He only needed one year of undergraduate studies before going off to start a hedge fund for his family. After his undergraduate work and already successful career as a business mogul, Daniel Mark Harrison surpassed expectations and completed his Masters in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School in a remarkable one year, instead of the typical two years it traditionally takes to complete one’s MBA. Here, at BI Norwegian Business School, Daniel Mark Harrison began his lifelong relationship with business in Asia.

Daniel Mark Harrison, during his time in business school took part in an exchange program with Fudan University in Shanghai. The skills gained from this program would serve him immensely well in his upcoming business career, a large part of which would take place overseas in Asia.

The hands-on experience Daniel Mark Harrison gained while earning his MBA. He even received a three-month contract to do consulting with Scandanavia’s largest hardware logistics provider, Optimera.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Business Experience

Daniel Mark Harrison is a global celebrity when it comes to finances. He has had quite the impressive career and has spanned across the globe with his investments and business adventures. In fact, he is known for famously predicting the rise of Bitcoin in 2014 before the stock was very popular.

Speaking of Bitcoin, Daniel Mark Harrison is currently a Managing Partner at Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is essentially a decentralized hedge fund, meaning that it deals with digital asset investment, like bitcoins. The success of Monkey Capital stems from managing partners like Harrison, for the creative role they play and cunning business skills they bring to the table, and also in the plan of the company. Monkey Capital ensures fairness in the digital asset world by merely acting as the recipient of dividends but not as the acting manager of the funds itself. Just like Harrison himself, Monkey Capital is equal parts savvy and entertaining. Things are heading in a very positive direction for Monkey Capital, and with Daniel Mark Harrison at the helm of the ship, it should be smooth sailing for Monkey Capital to become a billion-dollar ICO sooner rather than later.

Daniel Mark Harrison has had an incredibly successful and versatile career. Not only is he the current managing partner at Monkey Capital, but he runs his family hedge fund from Singapore. The company, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd, is Daniel Mark Harrison’s private family business office located in Singapore. Mr. Harrison has been running Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd for a little over two years. Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd is solely owned by Daniel Mark Harrison himself. Here he looks over his and his family’s personal assets, as well as his estate and the estates of his family members. Daniel Mark Harrison has been incredibly successful in Asia, and Daniel Mark Harrison &Co. Pte. Ltd has three branches across Asia, one in Singapore, one in Bangkok, and one in Hong Kong.

With his Bitcoin experience and diverse business skills, Daniel Mark Harrison acted as the Editor in Chief for over three years for CoinSpeaker. CoinSpeaker is a major news source for professionals dealing with online commerce trading, so this was the perfect job for Daniel Mark Harrison. His effervescent personality and critical financial skills helped increase readership of the magazine to over 450,000 people per month. His findings in the business world led him to break momentous stories regarding the future of certain stocks, and he successfully managed the editorial news team while in charge.

In addition to CoinSpeaker, Daniel Mark Harrison was the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Marx Rand from May 2015 to October 2016. Marx Rand is a news publication that helped uncover a Ku Klux Klan member who was also an FBI agent, as well as shining light of companies who use slave labor, and the failure of drug companies. Daniel Mark Harrison engaging personality and sparkling writing skills made him not only a dedicated business man, but a prolific writer as well. His career is a truly as diverse as it is successful.

Reincarnated as an Author

Not only has Daniel Mark Harrison helped successfully run multiple companies, he is a gifted author. Based in Asia, David Mark Harrison wrote the sensational The Millennial Reincarnations, which was just part one in a trilogy that deals with very real issues of the generation. Daniel Mark Harrison brilliantly comments on the attitudes of millennials in regards to: sex, work, technology, dependence on finances, emotional intelligence, and spirituality.

The Millennial Reincarnations reached Number One on Amazon’s best seller list within a mere number of days after it came out, further showcasing the success that follows Daniel Mark Harrison wherever he goes. With a pension for overseas business, it is fitting that The Millennial Reincarnations caught the eye of overseas booksellers as well. The appetite for fiction can be satiated by reading Daniel Mark Harrison’s work, but the real world application is uncanny. Critics describe him as an upcoming author to look out for soon. Daniel Mark Harrison is certainly an expert on Millennial culture, with his knowledge of current financial woes facing the millennial generation and his insightful look into the culture of millennials in The Millennial Reincarnations.


Media proprietor, technology innovator, financier, author, cultural commentator, are just a few terms that can be used to describe the entrepreneurial mogul that is Daniel Mark Harrison. From Europe to his current base in Asia, from his hedge funds to his literary fiction series, Harrison does it all. He has had a successful run thus far, but is certainly not finished making waves in the world of business. There is no telling what Daniel Mark Harrison has up his sleeves next.

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