Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Gives Back in the Most Beautiful Way

Cosmetics is known as a cutthroat industry, and it’s no secret that it is, indeed, competitive. It’s hard to stand out among hundreds of shades of pink on the shelf, but some brands have made their name swimming against the current. Lime Crime has a long history of creating bold and impactful products, and they have the sales history to prove it. Still, the company is more than just a pretty face, and their new campaign gives beauty lovers a peek into the core of the company culture, showing everyone that looking great pairs perfectly with giving back.


New Charity Duos


The newest product released by Lime Crime, Kitty Bundles are lipstick duos that everyone can love. These perfectly matched pairs feature two complementary colors in the same finish. Longtime fans will recognize the finishes they know and love from the larger Lime Crime lip line that show up in these high-impact pairs. Retailing from $12 to $32 for each set, a full 20 percent of the sale price goes to a charity that, as you might have guessed, benefits furry felines who need a friend. This entire launch supports the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats which is based in Los Angeles. As a rescue organization, this charity has a unique mission. While most shelters rescue cats that already have social skills, the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats works specifically with feral kittens. The organization rehabilitates rescue cats that would otherwise be ineligible for adoption and works with them until they are tamed and ready to be perfect family pets.


Lime Crime has a long history of animal advocacy, so this project is nothing new for the organization. In fact, a commitment to cruelty-free cosmetics has always been a core value of this beauty boutique, earning them endorsements from both Leaping Bunny and PETA. The corporate culture actively supports animal adoption, making the Kitty Bundles a logical way for Lime Crime to put their money where their mouth is. For customers who also want to give back, look for these wearable shades in the Kitty Bundles line.



  • BITE includes both a deep plum, Fetish, and a dark raspberry shade, Polly, in a classic matte finish from the Velvetines collection.
  • POUNCE features two shades from the Unicorn Lipsticks line. Varsity is a deep rose, while Pom Pom is a bright, apricot-leaning color.
  • MEOW is a wondrous glimmering duo in the Diamond Crushers collection of iridescent lip toppers. Lit introduces a more muted rose gold tone to a look, and Cheap Thrill offers brighter pink tones reminiscent of a sunset.
  • PURR includes Happi, a metallic rose, and Lana, a moody bronze nude pulled from the Metallic Matte Velvetines line.



The Fresh Face Behind Lime Crime


Officially founded in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics has made a huge impact for such a young company. In fact, founder and CEO Doe Deere considers that a positive thing and infuses company headquarters with a fresh, youthful vibe that feeds the creative culture of the brand. Miss Deere is a longtime New Yorker but was actually born in Russia. Though a lifelong lover of color, Doe Deere didn’t set out to shake up the makeup world. In fact, her original fascination was fashion, and she used the Lime Crime brand first on eBay to market her handcrafted apparel. Because her aesthetic has always been eclectic, and she saved money by modeling everything herself, Deere found it difficult to create the makeup looks she wanted with ho-hum color choices from retail cosmetic counters. Accidentally, Doe Deere stumbled into an underrepresented niche in a saturated beauty market, and Lime Crime Cosmetics soon took off. The company’s core has stayed solid ever since, with bright colors and fun finishes created ethically using only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.


Doe Deere is the definitive face of Lime Crime, and she still regularly showcases the “Unicorn Queen” look across the company’s social media platforms which have been the main means of marketing products. Because the brand is so reflective of the founder, every corner of the company is infused with her bright, free, fun flavor. However, Miss Deere is also a smart businesswoman that cares about others. The Kitty Bundles campaign is just an extension of Deere’s philanthropic philosophy. She regularly speaks at conferences supporting women in business and entrepreneurship. In addition, she mentors other women and will talk to anyone who reaches out to her, even answering Instagram messages from aspiring artists and businesswomen. As a leader, Doe Deere works alongside her team with energy and dedication, inspiring greatness rather than demanding performance. Because experimentation and authenticity are so important to the founder, Lime Crime Cosmetics remains a leader in innovative cosmetics almost a full decade after the company’s founding. Driven by social media and its cult-like following, this company is going places. Not only is the Kitty Bundles campaign proving to be a success, but the business should boom for many years by remaining true to the founding principles and leadership of Lime Crime’s superstar CEO, Doe Deere.

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