The Menswear Market Is Growing Thanks to Social Media

Social media has changed the business world forever. It originally started as a way for friends and family members to communicate with one another. However, social media has now developed into a very powerful marketing tool that countless companies have taken advantage of. One of the industries that is currently exploding in popularity thanks in large part to social media is luxury menswear. Womenswear has historically dominated the online world. However, that has all changed thanks to the incredible power of social media. Platforms like Instagram are being credited will increasing the visibility of many different companies that specialize in men’s fashion.

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that men can browse through the latest fashions while they are at their office or in the privacy of their own home. Men who would never even think about buying a men’s fashion magazine prefer to look at photos of the latest fashions on various social media platforms. In fact, social media is becoming so popular in the world of men’s fashion that many companies are now designing entire marketing campaigns around the biggest platforms in an effort to reach the most people. There can be no question that social media has completely changed the men’s fashion industry as we know it. Companies will have to learn to market themselves through social media. Otherwise, they risk being passed by their competitors who have embraced Instagram and the other most popular platforms.

Fashion industry experts are shocked to discover that the menswear industry as a whole is projected to grow at a much greater pace than womenswear over the next four years. This is something that nobody in the industry could have predicted. The entire menswear industry will generate $33 billion three years from now.

Casual menswear is another part of the industry that has experienced solid growth due in large part to social media. One of the features of social media that menswear manufacturers value the most is the ability of consumers to make comments about the photos that are posted. This lets these companies find out right away what people think of their various designs. The manufacturers can then go back to the drawing board and redesign clothing that the public is not responding to. There are many menswear companies that are now debuting their latest designs on social media. They feel this gives them a far greater amount of exposure than fashion shows.

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Dil Bole Oberoi