VR Headsets to See Improved Technology

One of the most anticipated types of technology over the past few decades has been virtual reality. While virtual reality has been around for over 20 years in some form of concept, it still has not reached the level of technology that will allow it to be mainstream. While it still is years away, there have been some steps forward in the past few years as the Oculus and other VR headsets have come to the marketplace. While these headsets have been fun and used for entertainment, it is clear to the user that it is much different from reality.

While VR technology is not quite as clear as reality yet, there is a new company that is greatly improving the quality of the VR image (http://money.cnn.com/2017/06/19/technology/business/virtual-reality-varjo-headset/index.html). Varjo Technologies is a startup that is focusing on improving the quality for both virtual and augmented reality. The company has recently unveiled a new VR program that provides the clearest image yet. The clarity of the technology is unprecendted compared to prior technology. The clarity uses a 12 megapixel image, which is compared to just 1.5 megapixels in the current VR headsets on the marketplace.

According to the CEO of Varjo Technologies, the technology is continuing to improve and could soon be just as clear as reality. While some experts believe that it will be at least 20 years until VR is as clear as most would hope, Varjo Technologies believes it will be less than five years. Once this is achieved, they believe that VR will be incorporated into many different areas of life. While there will be endless amount of entertainment options, it will also be available for a variety of more productive uses. This could be used for training for a range of different industries, it could help to establish a virtual workspace to replace an office setting, or could be used in education.

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Dil Bole Oberoi