Mike Baur’s Advice For Swiss Startup Entrepreneurs

Throughout 2016, the number of new businesses increased rapidly in Switzerland, and some experts have indicated that the total amount of Swiss companies will soon rise by at least 5 percent. During 2014, Swiss startups received investments with a cumulative value of more than $415 million. According to several reports, the annual investments may soon increase by around 10 percent. The Swiss Startup Factory has also helped various entrepreneurs to rapidly expand new businesses, and by utilizing the company’s effective strategies, clients can improve a company’s brand, provide advertisements for customers worldwide, evaluate detailed reports, use digital technology that may enhance efficiency and complete research that can be associated with numerous niches.

Creating Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

BestMile is a Swiss company that developed multiple platforms that allow businesses to simultaneously control numerous autonomous vehicles. When using the technology, clients can create custom routes, determine the speed of each automobile, evaluate the condition of a vehicle and identify obstacles. Furthermore, the business has created apps that indicate each driver’s estimated time of arrival, and the company’s dashboard offers detailed reports for users.

Starmind International

Established in 2010, Starmind International is designing various software programs that can organize information that is related to an enterprise’s functions and services. The software may automatically create extensive diagrams that allow users to swiftly access vital data, and representatives are able to rapidly ask questions. If a software program is not able to provide certain information, the tool can request answers from users who specialize in related fields.

Hello Vegan

This business partnered with the Swiss Startup Factory, and the company offers various types of vegan foods and healthy drinks for customers. The business has received many outstanding reviews from buyers. Moreover, the company expanded its menu and utilized new marketing strategies that attracted thousands of online customers.

The Services That Gamaya Offers

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Gamaya creates various devices that can be attached to drones, and the cutting-edge components are able to create hyperspectral images. By using the technology, farmers can determine the condition of the soil in specific areas, the types of vegetation that may grow near a field and the level of moisture within the soil. The technology could also indicate the types of materials that a structure contains. Although the business was founded in 2014, more than 8,000 farmers may be consistently using the company’s devices.

Offering Technology That Can Help Scientists to Test Medications

Throughout the last eight years, a Swiss business has been developing artificial tissue that mimics human tissue, and the man-made tissue features synthetic cells, numerous layers, proteins that can strengthen the tissue and compounds that may affect inflammation. Various analyses have shown that the technology could decrease the average duration of long-term tests, halve the risk of numerous side effects and evaluate previously unknown benefits that some new medications might offer.

So far, the company has received investments that have a total value of at least $24 million. According to several reports, investors may offer at least $10 million to the company within the next five years.

Renting Houses and Apartments

In 2016, more than 10,000 individuals rented homes by utilizing the platform that HouseTrip created. When searching for listings, users can modify the price range, evaluate the overall size of each available house, determine a residence’s location, examine nearby attractions and evaluate numerous amenities. The majority of the company’s clients reside in Europe, and according to multiple reports, the number of European customers will likely rise by more than 14 percent during each year.

In total, investors have provided sums with a cumulative value of more than $58 million. Numerous experts have suggested that the company will obtain additional investments that are worth at least $26 million throughout the next 10 years.

The Services That the Swiss Startup Factory Offers

During 2014, Mike Baur established the Swiss Startup Factory, which provides consultative services for new businesses of all types. The company offers detailed strategies for recently created companies, partners with experienced experts, develops brands for businesses, offers financing for some new companies and provides extensive reports that aid entrepreneurs.

The business also offers services that are related to accounting, and Mike Baur can help new entrepreneurs to manage expenses, monthly revenue, overhead and the costs of state-of-the-art equipment. When creating plans, the specialists may also calculate the return on investment that some strategies might offer.

Accelerating the Growth of a New Business

When a business follows a detailed plan that Mike Baur provides, the company will determine the needs of its customers, develop numerous goals, create digital products and utilize strategies that can reduce costs. If an entrepreneur has fresh ideas, the Swiss Startup Factory can usually help the individual to create a new business within three months. The company also unveils new startups twice per year, and the business offers many types of free advertising for companies that partner with the Swiss Startup Factory.

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