Walmart Cancels All Pre-orders for SNES Classic Edition

Last week, Walmart made the anticipated SNES Classic Edition available for pre-order, which seemed too good to be true for many fans.

The amazing announcement resulted in the retailer selling out of all available units in minutes. Yet, the lucky retro fans started receiving cancellation emails citing a technical glitch.

Walmart left distraught fans with an explanation saying the available pre-order was a massive mistake. The full process of canceling the orders has taken the retail giant a week. The upcoming release of Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition is still set for September 29th. There has been no news if any actual pre-orders will be available anywhere in the US.

There’s hope still, albeit slim, that pre-orders will actually hit major retail websites in the coming weeks.

The whole situation won’t sit well with fans, most of whom are still recovering from last year’s frenzy over the NES Classic Edition. The high demand for the last console left customers waiting in lines for hours for a chance to buy the 8-bit classic. Walmart has not announced how many pre-orders they had to cancel, but the response on social media has been incredible. There are a lot of disappointed 16-bit fans today.

The Nintendo advertises the SNES Classic Edition as preloaded with 21 classic 16-bit games, including Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Cart and more. Demand has increased due to the announcement that the system will come with a completed Starfox 2. Developers had never finished the game during the lifetime of the original SNES. The system and its games have a suggested price of $79.99.

Today, it looks like 16-bit fans looking to own a SNES Classic Edition will line up at their favorite retailers September 29th. Giving them plenty of time to prepare camping gear for the long haul.

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