Amazon to Prepare Food Delivery Service?

Amazon is probably the most widely used shopping network on all of the internet, taking the mantle away from eBay. Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, has been looking for a way to innovate on their market-majority share for a long time and it seems like the company has finally clued in on where to go next: groceries. Amazon offers buyers the chance to purchase pretty much anything they want already, including food, but now the company is really refining that focus. According to reports, Amazon Inc is looking at buying their way into the $700 billion grocery business by way of special military technology.

Amazon has put out more than tentative feelers regarding the MATS system utilized by the United States Military. This system is a breakthrough in food preparation and proliferation. Using thermal sterilization, it is possible for cooked meals to be prepared, sealed, and sold without ever having to go into the refrigerator. There is an extensive process that utilizes pressurized water in order to keep the dishes safe from food borne illness. Once the package has been delivered all the buyer needs to do is put the meal in the microwave for a few minutes before it is ready to eat and as fresh as ever.

Now, active Amazon fans probably already know that Amazon has their own grocery service already — AmazonFresh. AmazonFresh has been delivering groceries to customers for almost a decade now. That doesn’t mean that Amazon is anywhere close to quitting on their endeavor. There are also rumors that Amazon is planning on purchasing Whole Foods in order to set up their first Amazon grocery store that doesn’t feature any sort of lines or check outs.

Still, the MATS system gives Amazon the chance to improve upon what has become increasingly their focus of late. The MATS system allows customers to purchase high quality dishes that retain their flavor and freshness. These dishes can also store well with a shelf life of nearly a year without any refrigeration required. Pretty crazy, right? There are obviously a ton of different applications for something like this and it makes sense that Amazon is digging deep to explore them all.

Greg Spragg, a former Wal Mart executive, got on board early with Amazon’s exploration of the concept. Spragg says, “They obviously see that this is a potential disruptor and an ability to get a private brand uniqueness.”



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Dil Bole Oberoi