Dell Foundation to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The founder of Dell Technologies billionaire Michael Dell has promised that he will contribute $36 million towards the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The tech billionaire is from the state of Texas. At the moment, this donation by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation happens to be the largest in these efforts. A native of Houston, Michael Dell decided to respond by donating when he found out that the neighborhood that he grew in was submerged. Dell was born and raised in Meyerland, Texas. In a statement, Mr. Dell said that he obliged to help as the disaster affected their homes. In his own words, he said that it would take the corporation of every Texas native to make the place like it was before. Houston has one of the most friendly business policies in the United States. This has made major corporations in the US that have customers from the area to pledge their support. The scope of the destruction caused by the storm has become clear as water levels have subdued. It’s the hope of the Dell founder that they can raise over $100 million. Toyota has made a donation of $3 million while Verizon has made a donation of $10 million.

Michael Dell said that the amount that he donates would be used by a foundation called Rebuild Texas Fund. This is a fund that is run by an initiative that is geared towards helping the people of Texas known as OneStar Foundation. The Dell Foundation announced that they would make an initial $18 million donation that will be matched with another $18 million as other donations trickle in. Michael Dell said that their target has a deadline of Labor Day Weekend. According to the executive director of Dell Foundation Janet Mountain, the first goal will be relief efforts. This will then be followed by recovery work such as long-term rebuilding projects. Since the efforts are likely to last for over three months, she talked about the importance of having the right resources in order. The fund is only a few days old meaning that they have not yet identified the donors. However, Ms. Mountain said that the foundation would focus on four main areas. These areas include capital for rebuilding small businesses that were destroyed by the hurricane, transportation and work force as well as schools and child care. The last area of focus would be housing and health. However, the Dell Foundation mentioned that none of the funds would be used for administrative costs.

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Dil Bole Oberoi