Pokemon Go Hits Unrivaled Level of Server Turbulence

The team at Niantic are responsible for bringing the largest augmented reality video game into the world today, Pokemon Go. That doesn’t mean that they have had an easy time of it. Launched in the Summer of 2016, Pokemon Go has turned into one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Despite their status as a top trafficked game, the team continues to run into notorious issues that prevents them from fully taking and embracing their spot atop the leaderboards. After announcing their most recent event, Pokemon Go Equinox, the servers have been completely unusable. In fact, for the first time since their launch servers for Pokemon Go have been down around the world.

The team at Niantic have something of a history with poor server control, particularly during times of events or impressive traffic. You need only go back a few months in order to see how Niantic struggle during Chicago’s Pokemon Go Fest. Despite being a mobile game players were incapable of getting online during the event, largely due to server issues. Now the same thing is holding true during the Equinox event as servers worldwide have gone offline. Niantic was made aware of the problems immediately and they released a statement by way of Twitter saying, “We’re investigating an issue which is preventing Trainers from logging in. Thank you for your patience as we look into this issue.”

The biggest issue here is that Niantic is once again dropping the ball during a limited time event. The Equinox Event went underway on September 22nd and it will run until October 2nd. The Equinox Event will give trainers around the world the chance to gain double stardust when catching Pokemon as well as when they are hatching eggs. Stardust in Pokemon Go is used to help power up your Pokemon in order to make them stronger — something definitely needed with so many Legendary Pokemon being released.

The Equinox Event has also give players the chance to get their hands on special eggs, located in Gyms around the world. The eggs come in the 2KM variety but they offer improved catch rates for Chansey, Mareep as well as Larvitar. Niantic is also offering extra XP for Trainers during this event so that they can get leveled up quicker. One of the easiest ways to triple your XP rates is to catch Pokemon for the first time to register in your Pokedex. Though none of these perks matter when the server is offline.

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Dil Bole Oberoi