Google and Cisco Systems form a Partnership

Google and Cisco have all dominated the internet world at one given time of their existence. While it might be Google’s time to dominate now, the internet world used to belong to Cisco systems sometimes back. However, the two internet giants have said that they would be joining hands to help transform the computing industry. This means that they will be entering the market of cloud computing to add more pressure to an already competitive industry. The two companies from Silicon Valley announced that they would be joining hands to assist entities in the industry to manage their own technology services and software. This will make it easier for companies to run their own data centers. At the same time, it makes it easier for the companies to relate with facilities that are externally operated. Experts say that Google hopes to benefit from the relationship by using the corporate customers owned by Cisco. At the moment, Google is the largest entity of Alphabet Ventures, and one of the reasons it has agreed to partner with Cisco Systems is an attempt to catch up with Amazon. When it comes to cloud services, Amazon is the largest company in terms of market customers. Google still ranks behind Amazon in this business.

Experts say that Cisco stands to benefit to stay in business considering that it’s facing survival threats due to cloud computation. Back in 2000, Cisco Systems was regarded as the most valuable company in the world owing that it helped create the internet through its infrastructure. While companies in the past used to spend millions on new hardware and other infrastructure, they opt to rent cloud services at a lower price. This is a market that has already being dominated by Amazon. Forrester Research principal analyst and vice president Dave Bartoletti says that companies that used to sell equipment back in the day are feeling enormous pressure to perform. Things are quite tough for Cisco Systems which is facing competition from companies such as VMware which recently announced that it had formed a partnership with Amazon. However, the partnership between Google and Amazon is quite different as executives from both companies promised that they would offer something unique. Things look promising as there is a possibility of joining the security and networking software from Cisco Systems with Google programming technology. Google technical infrastructure vice president Urs Holzle said that something magical would come out from the partnership.

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Dil Bole Oberoi