The New Trend in Artificial Intelligence

To normal researchers, the design of an artificial intelligence machines that are capable of building other artificial intelligence machines is a dream. However, this has emerged as a nightmare to highly skilled computer programmers. For instance, one of Google’s leading engineers Jeff Dean has delivered a number of speeches in China and Silicon Valley in the last few months. He has referenced a project by Google referred to as AutoML. For starters, ML is a short form for the word machine learning. This is a term used to describe the computer algorithms that have the capability of learning how to perform various tasks. They manage this on their own, and they do it by analyzing data. AutoML, on the other hand, can be used to refer to a machine-learning algorithm that is coded and enabled to build other machine-learning algorithms. Google has said that should the technology succeed, they will be able to create a new technology that will put humans out of the equation that is responsible for creating artificial intelligence. This is seen by the industry experts as an effort by Google and software developers to bring together the artificial intelligence techniques for the better. Other companies that specialize in artificial intelligence have also agreed to cooperate.

It has become apparent nowadays that the tech industry is very promising. For instance, it can offer a wide variety of products ranging from smart cars that drive themselves and apps that can recognize faces. However, according to statistics, there is a shortage of people around the world are capable of building these technologies. In the past few years, tech businesses wishing to invest in artificial intelligence have paid millions to these experts. This includes companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. This has brought an issue where these companies want to look for talent on their own. At the same time, these companies have shown that they don’t have the patience to wait. They have resulted in developing tools that will make the process of building artificial intelligence very easy. This includes a host of services and products such as online chatbots, speech recognition services as well as image recognition services. Microsoft vice president Joseph Sirosh recently warned that the field of artificial intelligence is following the same path that computer science has followed in terms of new technology. Malong chief technical officer Matt Scott says that there is real demand for artificial intelligence

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Dil Bole Oberoi