Recommendations for Twitter

Less than four weeks ago, Twitter took an action that surprised the whole world. The social media giant decided to double its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Surprisingly, the world didn’t come to an end, and things went back to normal. Apart from some few complainers, things even became better. This should have given Twitter a lesson that it should change the way that it goes about its business. The company can for once agree to slay a few sacred cows. 2017 has been one year that we have come to realize that Twitter can be a tool for propagandists, manipulators as well as bots. All these can use the platform to spread hate and abuse. They can also use the platform to assault and harass other people. The problem with Twitter is that it’s still glued to its founding principles that can be termed as outdated and old-fashioned today.

One of these principles is the equality that is accorded everyone who joins the network. As soon as someone thinks they have a voice, they join Twitter. The most frustrating thing is that they are given the same footing as people who have been on the platform for years. This is regardless of the voice that these people come with. They come with antisocial behaviors that cannot be tolerated anywhere except Twitter. They are also full of hateful and the vilest comments. At the moment, Twitter is in the process of remaking the verification system that it has used with high profile accounts. This is where some people are given accounts with blue check marksax.

Up to date, no one gets what the tick means. However, Twitter looks like it’s becoming serious about what some of its customers post. Some high profile accounts have been removed especially those that belong to supremacists and white nationalists. The company recently released a statement saying that they are remaking the system that is used for policing. Other than using the blue ticks, the company should think of a system that rewards people badges according to their posts. This will mean shaming people who have nothing good to say. The question should be whether a customer is posting quality and positive information. This will make it possible to detect the accounts that are used by propagandists to spread fake information. It should also make it possible to validate its accounts with other markets such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Dil Bole Oberoi