Facebook Videos Are Going To Be So Much Cooler

Facebook has released their newest feature today, which is the ability for users to add music to their videos. Facebook has uploaded thousands of tracks for users to choose from, and each track was created with excellent quality and creativeness. Facebook owns the rights to every song, and they are allowing people to use these songs free of charge.

Many people are wondering why Facebook would allow people to use the songs for free. According to Facebook managers, there are more and more social media websites being developed each month, so Facebook needs to do something to distinguish themselves from everyone else. Additionally, after a survey, it was found that many Facebook users do not post videos due to the absence of music. Facebook wants all users to have the same benefits.

In addition to satisfying users, Facebook also wants to satisfy marketers. Marketers spend thousands of dollars on music. Facebook is hoping that marketers spend money on marketing on the Facebook platform being that the music is free. Over the last few days, marketers from all over the world have been contacting Facebook to gather all the information they can about the music policy.

Facebook needs every user to know that the music provided is only to be used on Facebook. Videos made on Facebook with accompanied music provided by Facebook cannot be posted on any other website, even if it’s a Facebook affiliate website. Before using the music, a user will have to sign an agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions.

Currently, Facebook has approximately 5,000 tracks, and they are expected to have more songs available over the next few months. Facebook users can also voluntarily submit their music to the Facebook catalog. However, no payment or royalties will be gained from the submission, even if the music is used.

Facebook managers believe, over the next few months, the social media site will be dealing with videos more than traditional posts, especially with the new live feature Facebook has created. Facebook wants to do all it can to improve the video experience for both the creator and the viewer.

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Dil Bole Oberoi