Hotel Owner Bans Social Influencers Looking for Free Rooms

The internet has helped bring popularity to many people. Otherwise known as influencers, these people tend to have large followings on major social media websites. Therefore, it’s fairly common for these people to use their influence in order to obtain benefits including free merchandise and hotel bookings. However, one hotel owner has no plan to offer additional accommodations for influencers. In this post, you’ll learn how one attempt at promotional advertising went terribly wrong for a certain YouTube personality.

Recently, a YouTube personality contacted a hotel in order to seek a free stay at this location. In exchange, the YouTube personality would make a video and related social media posts from the hotel in an attempt to promote the business. The personality reported that she had arranged a similar deal with a hotel in Orlando, reporting it to be a great success for both parties. However, the owner of Dublin’s White Moose Hotel didn’t take kindly to the promotional attempt by posting the letter he was sent to the hotel’s Facebook account.

The hotel owner had blocked out certain information in the Facebook response, taking special consideration to hide the identity of the influencer. However, it didn’t take long for the internet to do enough detective work that would reveal the identity of the influencer named Elle Darby. Elle was quick to make a reaction video after receiving a lot of negative criticism for her actions. However, this video did not help her in regards to staying at the White Moose Hotel whose owner, Paul Stenson has banned all social media influencers. Local 10, an ABC affiliate station, reports that Stenson feels Darby’s incident “gives her whole industry a bad name.”

To summarize, many social media influencers receive free products and trips through promoting certain businesses. Recently, a social media personality aimed to obtain a free stay at the White Moose Hotel in Dublin. However, the owner of this hotel did not take kindly to this personality’s offer and posted the message publicly on Facebook. Facing backlash, Elle Darby was quick to create a response to the Facebook incident. In a further response, the owner of the White Moose Hotel placed an immediate ban on influencers who are looking to get a free stay by promoting this business.


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