Facebook Upgrades New Mobile Chat Features

Facebook Messenger is about to make a big comeback. Granted, the app never truly disappeared but the social media giant did somewhat downplay its value. All that soon changes. Facebook now plans on making Messenger its primary social media app. Currently, designers are putting the final touches on the new, improved version of messenger. The upcoming release will combine aspects of the messaging component with the overall social media platform. In short, users may take advantage of Messenger features in an upgraded Chat section of the social media platform.

According to Tech Crunch, new upgrades should make the upcoming version of Chat preferable. One beneficial change involves the chats taking place in a subsection of the Facebook page. Users won’t find themselves directed to a completely different app to perform messaging functions. The seemingly minor changes deliver valuably added conveniences to users. Jumping from one app to the other not only means additional unwanted steps, but the process also makes things more difficult.

Users sometimes become confused when using more than one app bearing the name of the same company. And questions do arise about the competency of Facebook thanks to the separate messenger issue. Why would a company of Facebook’s size and magnitude run such an amateur-hour situation with its Messenger app? The question soon becomes moot since Facebook finally took steps to address things. A streamlined app will put user questions and annoyances, hopefully, to rest.

Unfortunately, the new streamlined chat option won’t come with every feature currently available on Messenger. Users will need the Messenger app to make phone calls or send photos. In time, perhaps, these functions will become available on the integrated social media Chat section.

Fans of Messenger can still use it as originally intended. Facebook has taken steps to please as many users as possible. Time will tell how this works out.

Dil Bole Oberoi

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