Top 10 Great and Famous Military Leaders in the World 2016

The Military Leader or General mean You can say one man army who lead the Forces Systems. The Military is also Called the Armed Forces. Military is the Backbone of every Country, military commander is strong and denotable person then surely he is the backbone of the whole military and the country too. As per Our Previous Article We Discussed about the Largest Armies . Of Course With Largest Army Every Country has a Great Famous Leader to run the Military System. Let’s Come on the Topic

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10. Volker Wieker (Germany)

The German Army is the land component of the armed forces of Germany. As you know Germany has a Greatest Commanders Force that’s why I got the idea to write about the Top 10 Military Leaders, Generals. Let’s Discuss about the Germany General.

Volker Wieker was born in 1 March 1954. He is the Chief of staff of the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. He is the highest ranked officer of the Bundeswehr that’s why he is the government’s chief military adviser and the general ultimately in charge of its operations. He spent his Career in the Army 1974 to 2015.

Volker Wieker

9. Katsutoshi Kawano (Japan)

Katsutoshi Kawano was born in 28 November 1954. He is a Japanese admiral who has served as the 5th Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff, the highest-ranking officer of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, since 15 October 2014. He has joined the Japan Army in the year 1977.

Katsutoshi most certainly has proven himself competent enough to handle this duty and all of the other ranks he has worked on in order to become Chief of Defense in Japan.

Katsutoshi Kawano

8. Dalbir Singh (India)

Dalbir Singh Suhag, is an Indian 26th Army General and current Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army, who assumed office on 31 July 2014, following the retirement of General Bikram Singh. He served as the Vice Chief of the Army Staff (VCOAS) before taking charge as Chief of the Army Staff.

Dalbir Sing is one of the Great General in the World who has ability to take decisions for the nation irrelevant of what other think about them but the only thing he was considered the benefit of india.

Dalbir Singh

7. Choi – Yoon – Hee (South Korea)

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Choi Yoon-hee was named as new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who was the first navy flag officer to take the top post in the military chain of command under President Park Geun-hyeThe government picked the JCS chairman from Navy for first time since the establishment of the military forces to strengthen cooperation among the armed forces.

Choi – Yoon – Hee

6. Nick Houghton (United Kingdom)

Nick Houghton is also known by his name John Nicholas Reynolds. He is the Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces. He was appointed in 2013, following the retirement of former Chief of Defence Staff Sir David Richard.

Nick Houghton has joined the Army in the Year of 1974 and one of the most famous general in the world. He has received many awards, recently in 2015 he has got an n honorary Panglima Gagah Angkatan Tentera (PGAT) award from the Deputy Minister for Defence of Malaysia.

Nick Houghton

5. Hulusi Akar (Turkey)

Hulusi Akar is a Turkish Army General who was born in 1 January 1952. He is currently serving as the 29th Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Turkey has been considered as one of most influential state in Asian region and following that it has several security and territorial concerns while its boundaries with Iraq also made it more unstable because of civil war in the country led by ISIS.

Hulusi Akar

4. Valery Gerasimov (Russia)

Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov is a Russian General, and the current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, and first Deputy Defence Minister, replacing Nikolay Makarov. He was appointed by President Vladimir Putin on 9 November 2012.

Valery Gerasimov was served as commander of a platoon company and battalion of Far Eastern Military District after graduation, and then appointed as the chief of staff of a tank regiment.

Valery Gerasimov

3. Fang Fenghui (China)

Fang Fengui was born in Bin County, Shaanxi Province. He is a general in the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China. He currently serves as the PLA Chief of General Staff and a member of the Central Military Commission. He has joined the China Army in the year 1968

Fang Fenghui

2. Martin Dempsey (United States America)

America has seen the greatest bits of War history in the historical events of world destruction such as: The Revolutionary War, Second war of independence, Civil war, World War I, World war II, Korean War, Vietnam. Let’s know who is the great General of USA??

Martin Edward Dempsey is a United States Army general and 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, served as Chief of Staff of Army and Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. He holds several commanding positions in past including Acting Commander, Deputy Commander and Commanding General.Martin Dempsey

1. Raheel Sharif (Pakistan)

General Raheel Sharif, NI, HI, is a four-star rank army general, currently serving as 15th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army, since 2013.  His various operations to stabilize the Pakistan and keep it clean from terrorism which set in nations roots from several decades are outstanding and admirable

According to the Views of Economist Unlike his predecessors, General Sharif appears to see jihadists, principally in the form of Pakistan’s own Taliban, as the country’s greatest threat, and is credited to have initiated the successful joint operation of Zarb-e-Azb.

Raheel Sharif

I hope you will like this article let me know if you know any Great famous Military Leaders Please Discuss with us in Comments.

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