Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries

Oil one of the most significant and useful energy source that can be transformed to many surprising products. This energy source is expensive enough due to most of the applications depend on it. It has made our life reliable. All our industries, factories and engines are running on this energy source.

From the wells, Crude oil is extracted which is purified in high machinery to get pure form, petroleum. Crude oil is naturally black in colour due to presence of various impurites. Here we are going to mention Top 10 Oil producing Countries that is generated with respect to number of barrels produced per day and their total share in the world.

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10 : Kuwait :

Production : 2,619,000  barrels/day (3.1 % of total world)

Oil is an ultimate need of our daily life. The countries which have machinery for the extraction of oil don’t find difficulties in feeding their people. Kuwait has been producing oil for many years which was initiated By a dictator of Iraq ( Saddam Hussain) in the year of 1990. Oil is collected from the deep wells that were knocked out in 1990. According to our hypothesis the total storage of Oil will lasts for many years and this wealth will be sufficient enough to run the whole country.

9: Mexico

Production : 2,562,000 barrels/day (3.65 % of total world)

According to energy source production in the form of Oil , Mexico is lying at position ninth. Due to some reasons it must be slipped out of the list, many of the main producing wells were fount not working. Still Mexico is exporting large amount of oil packages to various countries and earning its living . It’s production is approx 3.5% of the total world. Progress of a country depends on both imports and exports and that’s nice for Mexico that 1-3rd of his total oil fraction is shipped to United States and UK as well.

8: United Arab Emirates :

Production : 2,820,000 barrels/day (3.95 % of total world)

In our top ten list of Oil Countries UAE has 8th position and is serving nation since 1990 as a major oil production house. Since every country today is running on its energy sources so as UAE. It produces 3.95 percent of total world’s oil production that is not a small amount to count. Country is making progress to extract more oil in future and is determined to secure a good position.

7: Iran :

Production : 3,113,000 barrels/day (4.14 % of total world)

Iran has a total share of approx 4.14 % of oil to the whole world. Though there was a time, the progress became slow due to many restrictions and boundaries but still nothing is impossible. Iran still is standing at seventh place in top ten oil producing countries. On one side Iran is a producer of oil and on the other side it has chief role in OPEC as well to help setting the prices of Oil.

6: Iraq :

Production : 3,370,000 barrels/day (4.46 % of total world)

Iraq is also a main part of great oil reserves in the world. Since  every country above had knocked out its oil wells but speaking honestly Iraq is the only country that still has all its wells working for the production of Crude oil. This plus point may help the country to get a higher position later on. Most if his 4.46% of oil production is exported to US that in return give them a good worth.

5: Canada :

Production : 3,603,000 barrels/day (4.56 % of total world)

Canada lies to the north of America that proves that both if these countries are richer in production of Oil. Canada’s usual imports mainly consists of Oil and Oil-like Items. High factories are built for the extraction of Crude Oil that costs much but bear fruit in the end. Canada is on number five and it is doing hard to build its economy to a higher extent. A fair amount of money to Canada comes from its Oil Imports.

4: China :

Production: 4,189,000 barrels/day (5.21 % of total world)

Who don’t know China ? I think 90% people of the world are known to this country and praise for its bulk production of different sorts of products. Form the last 55 years China has progressed in the extraction of Oil and now been a good exporter of this energy source is standing on position 4 in top ten list of Oil producing countries. China’s reserves are at 20.35 billion barrels that can earn huge amount to satisfy his people forever.

3: United States :

Production : 9,373,000 barrels/day (12.25 % of total world)

USA (United States America) , largest Oil producing country at number 3rd. Approximately 12.25 % Of Oil is produced in a day. Technology is becoming advanced and more advanced day by day. Besides Oil USA is also a major Shale Oil producing country. In future USA claims to cross Saudia Arabia that is super top oil producing country. America is supporting a huge population , it sown production is not enough to meet his all requirements so is forced to import from Mexico and Canada.

2: Russia :

Production : 9,735,200 barrels/day (13.96 % of total world)

Russia, huge and massive country, producing large amount of pure oil that shares 13.96% of the whole world. Russia has some of his oil reserves un-tapped that are producing so huge amount that supports him to occupy second place in top ten list of oil producing countries. It’s surprising for us that current production has been increased to 10,500,000 barrels of oil. Russia has to quarrel with different hard situations to touch this place just behind the peak.

1: Saudi Arabia :

Production : 10,107,000 barrels/day (14.05 % of total world)

So Saudia Arabia is the largest Muslim country that is producing the largest amount of Oil these days. In the entire world , if we compare different countries we will find no match producing oil as Saudia is extracting. Oil is really a great energy source that is cracked to various products and is exported to various countries. Saudia Arabia is champion of Oil production but in over all production of energy sources it still has to follow a country , USA. In The whole world Saudia Arabia has a share of 14.095 %.

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