Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

Most Powerful Passports:

The rankings provided here is according to a research by a transport search site, which has ranked most powerful passports based on cost, the minimum number of work hours needed, how log the documents are valid for and how many countries allow them visa-free entry

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Here is a list of the World’s most powerful passports.

10: Netherlands :

Any Netherlands’ password holder can have visa free access to 172 countries. The passport costs only  £52. The price comparison and the visa-free entry is taken in note here in our list of most powerful passports of the World.


9: Belgium

Belgium citizens having passports too can have visa-free access to exact 172 countries just like the ones having Netherlands’ passport but the cost for the passport is less than Netherlands’ which is  £50 per passport.


8: Spain

Well! Same visa-free excess is provided by the Spanish Passport i.e. Access to 172 countries but this one costs the least with respect to other most powerful passports i.e  £20 per passport.


7: Canada

Here comes the canadian passport. Peoples with a canadian passport can have one more country than the ones mentioned above i.e 173 countries but this passport is also costly i.e  £88


6: Denmark

The passport which comes from this country can have visa-free access to the same number of countries i.e 173 but the cost for this passport is a bit more than the canadian one which is  £65 per passport.


5: USA

Providing with one more visa-free access to a country, collectively you are allowed the visa-free access to 174 different countries and the cost per passport is  £89.That’s why USA is placed 5th on our list of the world’s most powerful passports.


4: United Kingdom

And here comes the United Kingdom’s passport with visa-free access to 174 countries and per passport cost is  £73.


 3: Germany

German Passport is placed 3rd among the world’s most powerful passports with visa-free acces to 174 countries while each passport costs for  £45.


2: Finland

Finland comes to 2nd position here! Finland’s citizens with their passport can have visa-free access to the same number of countries i.e 174 countries. However, passport cost is  £37 per passport.


1: Sweden

This is what we were waiting for, here comes the Sweden. Swedish Passports are the world’s most powerful passports. However, Swedish passport allows visa-free access to 174 countries too but it is placed here at the top because of its low price i.e  £28.


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