Amazon Establishing Own Answer to ‘Geek Squad’

Best Buy and Amazon are currently at war for your wallet. Well, it is a different kind of war and one that is hard to put into proper context. For almost 15 years the team at Best Buy has been offering a service that most other companies hadn’t even thought of: the Geek Squad. The Best Buy ‘Geek Squad’ is a team of installers that are sent to your home when you need help setting up a product that you had bought from Best Buy. Amazon, for all of their good prices and great shipping, had never had an answer to that service — until now. Amazon is quietly working on creating their own form of Geek Squad and this might just shake the industry if they are successful.

According to sources close to Amazon, the team of developers at Amazon are hiring on staff whose sole job it will be to provide hands on customer support for Amazon buyers. The job postings are apparently for so called ‘gadget experts’ who are capable of going to homes and setting up products for their customers. These experts will also offer consultations on new and exciting products such as the Alexa — which is getting a huge push both commercially and through social media.

According to reports, ‘smart gadgets’ make up one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the entire tech world. Still, these smart devices are difficult to set up and routinely leave customers feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. In order to remedy this situation Amazon is planning on putting people in place to really get things done for their customers. It appears that education and simplification is at the forefront of this new Amazon game plan. And it is a smart game plan, too. Right now studies show that smart gadgets end up being returned to Amazon at a rate that is almost incomparable to other products on their market.

Right now details are relatively scares on the new line of Amazon installation services. What we do know can give you an idea as to how the company is going to operate going forward. Amazon has a one time $99 fee for installing special services, like the special Alexa smart thermostat. They also are offering free consultations for the Alexa that take up 45 minutes of your time where you will see a demo and have a Q&A session.

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Dil Bole Oberoi