‘Pokemon Go’ Reaches Anniversary Event Amid Criticism

For gamers who grew up during the ’90s there was very little more impactful than the ‘Pokemon’ franchise. This famous franchise has dominated every market that it has entered from television shows to handheld gaming and all of the things in between. Last year, in 2016, the developer Niantic sought to bring this big budget franchise to the Augmented Reality world — a fast growing tech trend where games interact directly with the environment. This concept led the way to ‘Pokemon Go’ and ‘Pokemon Go’ became one of the Summer’s biggest phenomena. Despite the huge buzz built around the game, ‘Pokemon Go’ has suffered

The ‘Pokemon Go‘ application released to instant criticism despite a high quality concept and some serious technical backing and buzz. Millions of gamers got involved which made ‘Pokemon Go’ an instant hit and one of the best selling applications of all time. But problems were many and solutions were few. Constant server issues marred the gaming experience, a lackluster line up of features created an environment for bored users, and Niantic seemed to fundamentally avoid giving the people what they want: trading and battling — two of the core concepts of the ‘Pokemon’ franchise craze.

Fortunately Niantic has since gotten their legs under them and ‘Pokemon Go’ seems to be on the fast track to success. However, it remains to be seen if users will be around to give this successful application an honest try. In fact, one of the biggest issues at launch was the fact that the application was too successful. The early days of the application’s launch were spent working on infrastructure rather than improving upon the core concept of the game. This has caused several huge delays in the development of both PVP and Pokemon trading.

Still, with a year in the books the team at Niantic knew that they had to release something to keep people hooked. This ‘something’ came by way of an anniversary event that offered a 1,200 PokeCoin Anniversary Box. The box, which is now available to purchase within the Pokemon Go app, gives users a pair of premium raid passes, 20 Ultra Balls, six Max Revives and finally six egg incubators. The anniversary box is a great gift for rural players who have trouble finding PokeStops and items but for more active players the event falls flat on its face. It remains to be seen if Niantic has more in store for their big anniversary event.



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Dil Bole Oberoi