Pop-in@Nordstrom Gets a New Technology Theme

In October 2013, , Nordstrom department stores launched a new feature to try to draw customers into their stores and on to their website. It’s called Pop-in@Nordstrom, and the idea is that, in a time when retail establishments are suffering, the new pop-ins would showcase specific product lines or categories in a unique way. The Pop-ins, located in many Nordstrom stores and online, change their look and theme about every four to six weeks, and the latest is a technology shop.

Nordstrom has created a pop-up shop that is unlike any other. It was created and arrange to look like the inside of a computer. Customers entering the shop will find white walls, a floor patterned to resemble a circuit board, and blue florescent lighting. Technology-related products are displayed on tables and shelves designed to look like capacitors and computer chips. Customers can shop in this unique environment that presents a technology feel all around.

The Pop-up tech shop offers a wide array of innovative technology products from which consumers can choose. Some options include, fitness and activity trackers, drones in several varieties including ones with underwater capabilities, 3d printers, earbuds and speakers, and more. Products range in price from $9.99 to $1888 making them accessible to any budget. The shop offers over 125 products in several different categories including: home, pet care, fitness and health, entertainment, computers and printers, and more. Nordstrom features this large selection as a nod toward appealing to a wide number of customers.

The main goal of the tech pop-in and all of the other pop-ins Nordstrom has hosted so far is to bring customers to the store and website to discover new brands and products, the nordstrom team explained to Forbes.. One way the pop-ins accomplish this is to change their themes, products, and appearances often. The tech pop-up shop runs from June 30 through August 13. Customers interested in technology or in checking out how Nordstrom has managed to create a shop disguised as the inside of a computer should make it a point to visit before the pop-in theme changes.

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Dil Bole Oberoi