Samsung “Accidentally” Reveals Details about the Note 8

The tech world is competitive and Samsung is no stranger to competition. After the battery fiasco with the Note 7, Samsung knows that they need to stand out with the Galaxy Note 8 and that they have, in a sneaky way.

Samsung claims to have “accidentally” leaked details about the Note 8 on their own website, only to remove the content a few hours later after some individuals had already taken note of the information presented. These changes are an attempt to produce a device that turns heads and helps fix the fiasco and negative attention the Note 7 brought.

The hardware is one of the biggest factors to stand out. The Note 8 isn’t a mere upgrade, but a complete overhaul of the phone. It has a large Infinity Display with an astounding aspect ratio of 18.5:9 for crisp and clear imaging on a massive 6.3-inch screen. It promises to be speedy with 6GB of RAM as opposed to the 4GB in the S7. It comes standard with 64GB of internal storage and the capability to expand it with a MicroSD card. Another appealing feature is dual rear cameras and a slightly lower quality front camera.

Color options include maple gold, orchid grey, sea blue and midnight black. The battery promises to be long-lasting with 3300mAh, although it’s smaller than the somewhat problematic 3500mAh used in the Note 7, which is an understatement for the significant problems it ended up causing.

The rear fingerprint sensor is somewhat of a turn off for some people, but likely not a deal breaker for die-hard fans who have been eagerly awaiting the Note 8’s release and specifications. As usual for the Note series of phones, Samsung promises to include a stylus for those who have grown accustomed to the feature in previous versions of the device.

To go along with the increase in features and phablet size comes a hefty price tag. The price may be too steep for even the most loyal users to swallow. However, it seems to be a trend that all smartphone manufacturers are following, meaning it’s time to accept the price tag or stick with an older device instead of hopping on for the ride with the Note 8.

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Dil Bole Oberoi