Role Played by Technology in Hurricane Harvey

One thing that Hurricane Harvey and Irma has shown us is that there is power in technology. At the same time, the two hurricanes have shown us how we can suffer when technology fails to work. Mobile phone users and computer users have helped raised millions for the displaced and the homeless. This happened in the state of Texas following Hurricane Harvey. The most comforting thing is that it happened in an overnight. This was easily done by clicking on links that were available on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. In total, these links managed to raise over $6 million. As for Apple, it helped raise close to $3 million. People like Michael Dell made a donation of $36 million to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. He made this donation through his family donation and promised to make more matching donations. When speaking to journalists, Michael Dell said that he used to ride his bike as a child on the streets of Houston. This compelled him to make the generous donation. To fully help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, it’s the wish of Michael Harvey that he will raise over $100 million through the family foundation. At the same time, computer security experts like Elizabeth Weise advises people to be careful.

Zello which is a walkie-talkie app saved the lives of people as they came to terms with water soaked phones and downed power lines. Through the app, it was possible to organize canoes, party boats, and powerboats for the people who had been affected by rising waters. At the same time, a cell drying company decided to help victims by setting up a shop in Houston. This was a good gesture owing that the staff members travelled 1000 miles from Denver just to help. Bernard Scott is one of the people who got to benefit from the services of TekDry. He said that his phone has everything important in his life including family contacts, Instagram, and his emails. In the last few days, technology has proved that it can do more good than harm. In the past, people had blamed technology for rude children behavior, distracted parenting as well as ISIS recruitment that goes on YouTube. For those that had their phones soaked in water, there is a lot that they can do. TekDry advises their customers to resist the temptation of charging the phone. In fact, if you charge the gadget, it will probably short circuit.

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Dil Bole Oberoi