Smart Phones Continue to Evolve and Amaze

Smart phones continue getting smarter, and a recent article on the Business Insider explains what consumers can expect in the near future. Perhaps as early as 2018, what recently seemed like science fiction is likely to become reality when it comes to smart phones.

Phones that fold

There have been rumors for about five years that Samsung has been developing a phone that can fold in the middle, making it easier to carry and giving it a stylish aesthetic. While many assumed this phone would be marketed at everyday consumers looking to impress friends and family, it now seems more likely to be intended for professional settings.

Samsung and other companies have taken out patents on folding-phone technology. While some patents involve phones that could be rolled into a tube, others simply involve a more traditional hinged model that folds in half. Currently, Samsung sells phones with stylish curved edges, giving a hint of the aesthetic its future models may have.

Phones that scan fingerprints

Fingerprint scanners to identify users on smart phones are likely to become the norm fairly soon. Since there are already phones on the market that unlock through facial recognition, fingerprint scanners don’t seem far-fetched at all. The scanners will probably be under the screen, so there won’t be any buttons to mess with. The interface will be smooth, fast and intuitive, and this feature will doubtless be a huge attraction to security-conscious consumers.

Traditionally, putting a fingerprint scanner under the screen has been problematic, and the technology has not been consistent enough to please users. However, Chinese companies are taking the lead in implementing new types of scanners that will make fingerprint identification from beneath the screens of smartphones faster and more accurate that ever before. As with face-recognition technology, there will likely be a digital backup code in case there are any problems.

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Dil Bole Oberoi