The Growing Threat of E-waste and how Clearabee’s Green Rubbish Removal is Helping


Electronic waste, known as e-waste, is quickly becoming a major problem. Electronic devices from TVs to computer monitors, old computers, remote controls, broken cell phones and beyond are piling up in landfills. This is a serious problem as such electronic devices leak harmful chemicals into the earth and groundwater. Furthermore, electronic items do not disintegrate in a timely fashion. If you have an old or broken electronic device, do not simply throw it in the trash!  There is a better way to dispose of these items.


Clearabee Will Haul Your old and Broken Electronics


If you receive a new electronic item as a gift or decide to buy a new one with your own money, don’t throw the old item in your garbage can. Reach out to Clearabee for a junk haul and we will find a green and sustainable means of eliminating your old electronics. This is a small but extremely helpful action you can take to preserve the integrity of the environment. Clearabee goes to great lengths to discard or re-use electronics and other items in an environmentally-safe manner. If the electronic device or its parts can be re-purposed, we will ensure it is provided to the proper parties to maximize its utility.


E-waste Recycling Programs


One of the many options for e-waste is returning it to so-called “big box” retailers. These electronics stores often accept broken and aged electronic items such as printers, computers and monitors. These items are then recycled to protect the environment and provide utility for other purposes. If Clearabee can’t find a use for your old electronics and they aren’t accepted by local big box retailers, we will pursue other options. Additional examples of organizations that accept old electronic items include public libraries and community services programs. Plenty of public libraries are willing to take certain electronic items like used ink toner cartridges. Certain community services offices are willing to take old electronics that other service providers will not accept for recycling.


The last resort is to rely on a private group that solely exists to ensure the proper disposal of old and broken electronics. Such groups employ people and accept volunteers to sort through electronics. This sorting process involves separating items that will release harmful toxins from those that will not. Though some electronics that do not contain toxic chemicals will be sent to landfills or shipped off to parts of the world with minimal environmental standards, many are disassembled so their salvageable parts can be re-used or recycled. There are even some groups that specialize in refurbishing computers and other electronics for impoverished individuals in developing countries.


The Trash Can is not an Option


Do not even consider putting your old electronic device in a trash bag, tying it up and concealing it from view. This is a grave mistake that will sabotage our sensitive planet and future generations of human beings. Though it is awfully easy to discard of electronics in trash bags, doing so contributes to the ever-increasing amount of e-waste. E-waste is spiraling out of control as electronics become ubiquitous. Each electronic device discarded in the trash ends up in a landfill where its toxins inevitably seep out and reach the soil and groundwater. These toxins damage our environment, wildlife and even human beings. If we continue to dispose of these electronic devices without regard for our environment, animals and future generations of humanity, the planet could eventually become uninhabitable.


A Closer Look at the Dangers of E-Waste

A small Chinese child sitting among cables and e-waste, Guiyu, China. Much of modern electronic equipment contains toxic ingredients. Vast amounts are routinely and often illegally shipped as waste from Europe, USA and Japan to countries in Asia as it is easier and cheaper to dump the problem on poorer countries with lower environmental standards. This practise exposes the workers and communities involved in dismantling e-waste to serious, environmental problems, danger and health hazards. 

If you were to crack open your laptop, video game console, smartphone or other electronic item, you would find all sorts of chemical compounds. Though these compounds are necessary for the functionality of the device, they are absolutely terrible for the environment. Electronic devices contain chemicals like cadmium, arsenic, mercury, silicon, beryllium and lead. Each of these chemicals is a threat to our planet. If everyone were to dump their e-waste into their garbage cans, they would all be hauled away to landfills and their harsh chemicals would gradually poison the earth. This is the nightmare we must avoid. Clearabee’s green rubbish removal service is here to help.

Green Rubbish Removal

We owe it to our children, grandchildren and the planet’s wildlife to dispose of our electronic devices is a responsible manner. If we do not treat our planet with care, harmful chemicals will spread to our living and working spaces. Make a conscious effort to ally with green rubbish removal businesses like Clearabee. This is a small but important way in which you can do your part to preserve the integrity of our planet. Clearabee’s green rubbish removal team explores every avenue before dumping trash in landfills. We are well aware of the fact that landfill space is limited. Though it is possible to convert some spaces into new landfills, it is better to re-purpose as much of our e-waste and other rubbish as possible.


Preserve Limited Landfill Space for Garbage That Doesn’t Pose a Major Environmental Threat


There is only so much landfill space on the planet. Though it is possible to convert some new spaces into landfills, doing so is not prudent for humanity or the surrounding environment. Let Clearabee perform an environmentally-friendly rubbish removal of your e-waste and other items. We will discard of your e-waste in the greenest possible manner. Our mission is to prevent e-waste’s harmful internal compounds from leaking out and gradually destroying our sensitive living space. We do everything in our power to ensure e-waste is recycled and re-used in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


An array of different materials can be recovered from outdated and broken electronics. Once the useful materials are separated, they will be used to make new products including new electronic devices. E-waste recycling ultimately decreases the amount of raw materials we extract from the planet’s finite resources. This process is essential to the quest to conserve natural resources for sustainable living.



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Dil Bole Oberoi