How Technology Can Benefit Seniors

Today’s technology is overwhelming because it is hard to keep up with. It seems as though a new device comes out every week. Many people have mixed feelings about all of the technology that is coming out today. However, there have been many studies done to confirm that technology has a number of benefits. Innovative technology can save time and improve health.

A recent report showed that the number of people with smart phones has doubled since 2011. New technology is also geared towards seniors. New technology has phones with larger buttons and easy-to-navigate functions. Furthermore, this new technology can make it easy for people to monitor the people they care about.

New phones also come with navigation systems. Many of us cannot imagine life without GPS systems. This technology is also benefiting seniors and caregivers. Seniors who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are prone to wandering. GPS devices can put a caregiver’s mind at ease. These devices can help reduce wandering.

Thanks to technology, people no longer have to wear the bulky hearing aids. New hearing devices were launched at a Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. You can now link your hearing aid device to your smart phone. You will be able to stream music, navigation and calls into your hearing aid device.

Katherine Bouton works for the AARP. She stated that this new technology is great because it can reach a market that may be overlooked. It can also benefit people who have severe hearing loss.

This new devices may be great for you. However, all of this new technology can be overwhelming. If we slowly embrace this new technology, then we can add convenience and comfort to our lives. We will also have an easier time connecting with the people around us. Additionally, we can improve our health by using technology.

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Dil Bole Oberoi