Google to Make a $1 Billion Donation every Year

Google announced yesterday that it had established a fund that would be used to train Americans on issues related to technology. At the same time, the search giant committed to making a $1 billion donation annually for next half decade to nonprofits in America. All these funds will be used for personal training and technology. The American fund will be used for training Americans on how they can become prolific in technology. The company announced that the initiative is being referred to as Grow with Google. The initiative will work by creating an online portal where job seekers will have the opportunity to train. At the end of the day, those that subscribe to the program will even receive certificates. The services offered by the online portal will make it possible for people to run their own businesses. According to executives who initiated the plan, the plan targets anyone with an internet connection. Also, they said that the areas of technology that the plan targets most are app development as well as information technology support. This comes at a time when Silicon Valley continues to receive criticism for unchecked influence when it comes to society and businesses. Google, on the other hand, is part of the companies that are being investigated by Congress for the Russian interference in US elections.

The initiative was unveiled by chief executive officer of the company Sundar Pichai. He was making a speech in one of the company’s offices located in Pittsburg. Google head offices are located in San Francisco, California. In the speech, he congratulated the city of Pittsburg for transforming to become the world’s leading robotics producer. The city has also become a hub of artificial intelligence engineering. Before this revolution, the city was a manufacturing city depending on steel production. The chief executive said that he understood that there are some concerns about the rate of technological change. On the other hand, he said that his company understands that technology will be a crucial engine in the future for the growth of the country. He also said that people should understand that the nature of work in America was slowly changing. Google will use its charitable arm Google. Org to make the said $1 billion donations. The deal also involves a donation of one million hours of their employees. The company said that it would carry out the process like a political campaign by going out to spread the message about the initiative.

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Dil Bole Oberoi