The NBA Enters the Field of Augmented Reality

Many companies and organizations are entering into the field of augmented reality games. The world of Pokemon saw a huge rebirth when Pokemon Go made its debut. It appears that major sporting organizations are creating their own augmented reality world for people to enjoy. The National Basketball Association or NBA has recently released their new augmented reality app known as NBA AR.

Augmented reality games combine virtual and real worlds together. People playing NBA AR get to experience sinking free throw shots no matter where they are. Once NBA AR is loaded, players are able to choose which NBA team is displayed on a backboard. Players need to move the camera on their respective phones for NBA AR to scan the playing area. After players have entered their settings, they have thirty seconds to complete as many free throw shots as possible. Players use their fingers to flick a ball upwards towards a basketball goal while playing this game. Digital Trends reports that NBA AR utilizes Apple’s latest form of ARKit technology that debuted several months ago.

One problem faced by augmented reality games is the issue surrounding player safety. A few Pokemon Go players would end up sustaining injuries from being completely immersed in an augmented reality world. The makers of this app recommend that people play NBA AR in a safe manner. Playing NBA AR does require people to move around physically to get closer or further away from the basketball goal. It’s recommended to play this game in a well-lit area that has plenty of space for moving around.

In summary, NBA has released the first augmented reality app by a major sports organization. This game was released on October 16th in the App Store and is currently free. It is unknown if NBA AR will make its way to Android devices within the near future. The release of the NBA AR app continues a major trend of the National Basketball Association excelling in virtual worlds. The NBA recently debuted its second seasons of broadcasting games entirely in virtual reality. Makers of NBA AR recommend that people enjoy this new game in spacious and brightly lit areas.

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Dil Bole Oberoi