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When you’re trying to attract attention to a product, it helps to go to a source that’s well known for being on the cutting edge of what’s hot and trending. NewsWatch TV provides just that with their trustworthy reviews.


When the brains behind Musical Pairing, an app that lets people effortlessly match up music with the best food and beverage choices, wanted more exposure for their app, they turned to the geniuses at NewsWatch to let them work their magic.

NewsWatch TV is a television show that is widely viewed and respected for its reviews of mobile apps and news that is important to consumers. Since its first episode in 1989, this show has become a powerhouse at influencing the way people think about the world and matters that impact them personally. It offers something for every viewer, including celebrity news, information about consumer electronics, breaking news in the medical world and even public service announcements.

The dedication to quality shown by NewsWatch has earned it the trust of its viewers. That’s why companies like Musical Pairing are interested in running segments on that show. It provides great exposure and consumers have complete confidence in what they’re seeing on NewsWatch.

Musical Pairing, like many other apps, has greatly benefited from being spotlighted on NewsWatch. One minute of being featured in a segment on NewsWatch was enough to crank up the level of success for this app.

Viewers responded to the simplicity and value of the Musical Pairing app because it combines two favorites – music and food. With this app, the brainchild of New York chef Barbara Werner, people saw how easy it was to increase the enjoyment of a meal by enhancing it with the perfect music.

HoMusical Pairing Dinnerw the Musical Pairing App Works

The concept of Musical Pairing comes from the idea of what would happen if you added another sense into the dining experience. At a normal meal, you’re using touch, taste, smell and vision as you consume your meal. Each of those senses brings something special to the table. When you use Musical Pairing, however, you introduce another sense that isn’t ordinarily present during a meal – the sense of hearing.

Some might not think that hearing is important during a meal, but when you fully engage all your senses, you realize what you’ve been missing all along.

While anyone might think they can find the right music to enhance the enjoyment of a meal, Musical Pairing takes it a step further. They aren’t just randomly matching up foods to music based on emotion or personal preferences for particular artists or songs.

They use a mathematical formula to make their selections. By analyzing four components of a meal, the app is able to use mathematics to come up with suitable music. The four components this app examines include what the main protein is, what sauce will be used for the meal, how the meal is cooked, and how much spice it has. Once those factors are analyzed, a numerical value is given to each component.

Then the app uses that information to find a piece of music that has the same numerical value. The app does that by looking at different criteria of the music, including the main musical instrument used in the song, the genre of the music, the tempo, and the dynamics.

When both the numerical values are matched up for the food and music, the experience is heightened for the diner. It brings the meal and the music to a whole different level.

Because no meal is complete without something special to wash it down with, the app even makes suggestions about what drink the user should consider adding to the meal.

If you’re looking for an impressive experience for friends, family or for yourself, this app takes all the guesswork out of making the


How That Segment Helped the Musical Pairing App

That one-minute segment showcasing the Musical Pairing app ran on television on NewsWatch and it was also placed on NewsWatch’s online channels as well. That showing brought more publicity to Musical Pairing than anyone could have imagined.

As a result of that airing, Ruth’s Chris Steak House started hosting dinners along with Musical Pairing. Those dinners were a rousing success and increased the word of mouth the app was receiving as well. In addition, Musical Pairing had interest from a reality television show.

Things were skyrocketing for Musical Pairing – so much so that the app had to be removed from the app store because there were so many download.  Because of all the downloads, the company decided to pull it out of the app store and revamp it before putting it back out.

Werner, the CEO of Musical Pairing, has been extremely pleased with the response to the NewsWatch segment. Because of how well it went the first time, she said she intends to pursue another segment when her follow-up book about Musical Pairing comes out next year.

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