New App Spokata Looks to Revolutionize News

In modern times, the news is seemingly everywhere. Not only that, people are using more devices than ever before to access the news. It’s understandable for someone to feel overwhelmed when simply trying to find out relevant news stories. One app wants to change how news is found and presented. In this post, you’ll find out how Spokata is changing how you receive news.

The creator of Spokata, Zack Sherman, wanted his app to be simple to use. One problem that many people face is being overwhelmed at all of the news outlets in the world. Many people simply don’t have enough time to watch hours of television news. There are many news websites available for people to use. However, it’s understandable that some people do not have the time to scroll through news stories. Spokata wants people to be able to catch up on the news in minutes through the use of quick audio summaries.

Digital Trends reports that Spokata access over 100 verified sources. Next, the app condenses stories into factual summaries. A user simply has to press a play button on the app to begin listening to a steam of news stories. Users will find Spokata has features for main stories as well as sections covering all aspects of the news. In addition, there is a Daily Briefing feature for someone who only wants to hear the major stories. If someone wants to find out more about a story, Spokata will take the user to the original source for further reading.

Someone using Spokata to listen to the fact-based summaries will be presented with an AI voice. Spokata utilizes a text-to-speech software named Polly that was originally made by Amazon. Zack Sherman wanted to use an AI voice for Spokata that was intentionally emotionless. The aim of Spokata is to get away from news presented with any sort of spin or hidden agenda.

In summary, a recent app known as Spokata is changing how people consume news related content. Spokata allows users to listen to content, as opposed to watching videos or reading articles. The goal of Spokata is to let users catch up on major stories in a matter of seconds. This app uses Polly text-to-speech software to present summaries to users.

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Dil Bole Oberoi