Digital Technology Consumerization

In just a few short decades, technology was much different than it is today. Digital technology was saved for large businesses who could afford how expensive it was. The large-scale computer systems of the past were saved for offices and businesses. They were rarely seen in a home setting. In the past, the software and computers available were more focused in solving business productivity challenges and not consumer experience or adoption.

However, things with concern to technology have vastly changed in the last decade. The cost of technology has began to exponentially continue to decrease. The reduction in the cost of technology has put some very powerful devices in the hands of consumers. Thousands upon thousands of applications and digital software programs have offered consumers rich experiences that were only dreamed up in the past. The end users of today are also the same employees of such enterprises. Their expectations of the advancement of digital technologies are evolving the way it is used in people’s everyday lives.

Due to this technology shift, vendors of enterprise technology have to approach services and products much differently than in the past. In the past, it was enough for vendors to offer tools which improved business productivity in measurable amounts such as workflow and enhancing processes. These days, each tool which is used by an employee must also offer a world-class experience beyond workflow and enhancing business processes. These technologies and tools are going to be phased out eventually because the enterprise budget-holders will not want to be productive without adoption to the technologies.

There are a few significant dimensions of a user experience in which enterprise vendors have to focus on. Some of these may include intuitive experience, anywhere, anytime, heavy personalization, ever-changing needs and multiple modalities. Even though many of these are for obvious reasons, finding a way to realize and adapt them into enterprise applications is not always an easy feat. This is especially true when they are constantly compared to commonly used consumer application.

There is a very important opportunity for vendors of enterprise technology to differentiate and innovate compared to the common consumer applications. Not all technology from enterprise technology carries overs to the consumer domain so blindly. However, it is true that the major trends in technology will always set the huge expectations and these expectations are the ones that need to be met. If they are not met, the consumer domain will ultimately win.

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Dil Bole Oberoi