Social Media Friend Turns Into A Nightmare For Bronx Teen

A search has currently been started by the New York Police Department for twenty-four-year-old Malik Hackett, who allegedly harassed a girl on social media. The victim was a sixteen-year-old girl living in the Bronx, who came to know of the man through the social media site The site functions as a place where teenagers can go on live cam to express their feelings and their emotions, and also connect with other teenagers from around the world.

The girl, whose name has not yet been revealed turned to CBS to retell the ordeal. She said that the man used to send her lewd and frightening messages, including one in which the man threatened her and her family, saying that he would kill them and himself, is she did not reply to his messages. He also frequently communicated through sexual tones, and strongly indicating his interest in her.

The teen said she initially did not know that the man looked like, as he refused to show his face on camera. But she stated that he seemed sweet and approachable. She eventually ended up talking to him on a regular basis and added him on various of her social media outlets. Upon doing so, she was able to get a good glimpse of what the man looked like, which is also when she realized that he wasn’t seventeen as he claimed to be.

Josie Gutierrez, who is the mother of the girl came forward to state that she had warned her daughter about the people that she could encounter on social media, but it seemed to have slipped the girl’s mind when she met Malik Hackett online.

What is more shocking about the incident was that Malik Hackett even tracked her down using Snapchat which led him to come outside her home and be aggressive there. The teen had only met the accused twice during this phase and claimed that he would threaten her if she refused to meet him.

The girl and her mother decided to file a police report about the incident, but that did not stop the man from coming to her home and threatening her. The most recent encounter that the man had was when he tried to enter the building that the girl lived in, which was all caught on the surveillance cameras in the lobby of the building where she lived. The girl believes that the man was only able to find the girl because of her location being revealed through Snapchat.

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Dil Bole Oberoi