Apple Plans on Allowing Software Developers to Create Multiplatform Apps

For quite some time, Mac users have been voicing their frustrations surrounding many apps being incompatible or infrequently updated in the Mac App Store. It is common for individuals to be under the false assumption that iPhones, iPads, and Apple laptops/desktops run off of the same operating system. iPhones and iPads actually operate under iOS, while Apple laptops and desktops operate off of macOS. Both of these operating systems are highly reputable, but most apps compatible with Apple software are only available on devices with iOS built in. Apple has been researching a new way to allow software developers to make a single app design that can be accessed on both iOS and macOS with the same levels of efficiency.

Apple desktops and laptops do come with an app database called the Mac App Store, but the options aren’t as expansive as those seen in the regular App Store. The Mac App Store doesn’t have much software available for download, and those that can be accessed are not updated often. Apps that are frequently updated with new software versions in the iOS-based App Store are not typically offered at the same rate in the Mac App Store. It is understandable why this is disappointing to macOS users who are met with out-of-date software options that lack current features.

The head developers at Apple are now looking into a method of development in which software can be designed for all Apple platforms in one process. They plan to give developers the ability to design apps with touchscreen, trackpad, and mouse capabilities all at once for widespread access. They also plan on updating the Mac App Store more frequently with these options, but have not yet commented on whether or not they plan on completely merging the two stores. People are estimating that Apple could introduce these capabilities as early as the summer of 2018.

This news regarding the availability of Apple software across all of their devices is sure to please macOS users who have been struggling to utilize their presently outdated options. Having the ability to download the same apps on every device within the Apple family will provide a much more convenient and accommodating experience for owners of their products. We can look forward to potentially hearing more about this advancement at the 2018 developer conference.

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Dil Bole Oberoi