How Smart Technology Helps Students Stay Healthy

Cranberry-Prosperity and Maxwell Hill elementary schools are doing their part to stop the spread of the flu. Two of the 200 elementary schools have opted to participate in the FLUency health program. The schools will receive free Kinsa Smart thermometers. There is an app that can connect the thermometers to the bluetooth. The app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices.

Parents will be able to monitor their children’s health using these devices. They can also join the school group where they can post anonymously about their children’s diagnosis and symptoms. They will be able to see if other children are experiencing the same symptoms. Additionally, parents will be able to find out about the next steps that they should take.

Amanda Ashley is a registered nurse who works at Cranberry and Maxwell Hill schools. She stated that their priority is keeping students in the classroom and healthy. She also stated that if people can analyze the trends in classrooms, then they are able to help students stay healthy. She is hoping that more people will participate in the FLUency program. She believes that taking a proactive approach is better than taking a reactive one.

Families will have until January 31 to download the Kinsa Thermometer App. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play. You will be able to create a profile once you have downloaded the app. Parents can get in touch with the school if they have any problems or questions.

Sick days are a burden for everyone. Parents have to find childcare, or they may have to take time from their jobs. Schools also lose money when children miss days. Inder Singh is the CEO and founder of Kinsa. He stated that he created Kinsa so that people could keep their families healthy and have a support system.

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Dil Bole Oberoi