How Apple And Fitbit Are Helping People Control Their Health

One of the reasons that people struggle to eat right and exercise is because information about nutrition is constantly changing. That is why Fitbit, Apple and Google are investing in technology that helps people see how certain foods affects their blood sugar. This device will be used by diabetics. Fitbit recently donated $6 million to Sanaa, which is a company that creates continuous glucose monitors.

Geoffrey Woo, who is 30-years-old, does not plan to go back to Burger King. He is trim and fit and normally eats healthy. However, he decided to get some fast food one day. He ordered a whopper, fries and a coke. He checked his blood sugar after eating and found that is was three times higher than normal.

Geoffrey stated that everyone is well aware of the fact that fast food is bad for you. However, many people do not realize how bad it is. That is why Sano is in the process of creating a device that will make it easier to keep track of our blood sugar. In the future, checking your blood sugar will be as easy as reading the news on your Facebook feed.

Ashwin Pushpala is the founder of Sano. He stated that the device will be able to instantly tell you how different foods affect your body. He also stated that this device will make reading food labels unnecessary. You will be able to choose your diet based on the data you get from the device.

Edward Damiano is a diabetes researcher and bioengineering professor at Boston University. He stated that carb-heavy meals are more likely to cause an insulin and blood sugar spike. He also stated that the more sugar people eat, the more they crave it. Glycemic control is one of the keys to preventing disease and maintaining healthy.

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Dil Bole Oberoi