Netflix Has a Huge 2017

Netflix continues to be a juggernaut. The streaming service had a banner year in 2017. They have continued to add original content. This has made them more attractive and allowed the service to gain many new subscribers during the past year. Netflix did particularly well overseas. There are many people who subscribe to Netflix and watch it through their phone. This seems to be a trend that is only becoming more popular. The surge in revenue is caused by the fact that Netflix is spending millions of dollars to produce their own original shows and movies. They have a deal with Marvel to make many original shows surrounding their superhero characters.

Netflix made more than $500 million from subscribers in $2017. This is far more than double what it made in 2016. The service had a huge success at the end of 2017 with the release of the “Bright” fantasy film that starred Will Smith. It received more views than any other original movie in the history of Netflix. It is because of this fact that the service has already announced that there will be a “Bright” sequel. Will Smith has signed a contract to reprise his role.

Netflix earned more money in 2017 than any other app that was not a video game. They have announced that they will be creating many more series and movies that will be released in 2018. In fact, many of these are already in production. The people who run Netflix understand that the only way to keep attracting new customers and to hold onto old ones is to give them content they will not be able to get anywhere else. They have succeeded in doing that so far. The ability of people to watch Netflix on their mobile device has helped the service to reach a much wider audience than it otherwise would have.

For 2017, Netflix ranked number one in apps for overall revenue, number one in app store revenue and number six in Google Play revenue. It is hard to do better than that. Netflix released a statement that said the company has a commitment to providing people with the highest quality of entertainment. They said that there will be more announcements in the coming weeks regarding movies and shows that Netflix will be releasing. The service is becoming more popular in foreign countries every day. This proves the popularity of American entertainment worldwide.

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Dil Bole Oberoi