The Xbox Duke Gamepad From Hyperkin

Throughout the world, people are excited about a new product that is intended to take gamers back in time. Known as the Duke, this new gamepad is nothing less than the second coming of the original Xbox controller. Manufactured by Hyeperkin, this fun Xbox One made a big commercial impact at CES 2018. Though people typically think of the CES expo as a venue for cutting-edge technology, the buzz surrounding Hyperkin’s Duke shows that nostalgia is a major force in the world of tech.

For many years, gamers with larger hands have waxed nostalgic about how much they enjoyed the original Duke. This is a large enough cohort that Hyperkin should be able move quite a few units within a few weeks of this product’s release. According to Hyperkin, the new Duke will hit the retail market sometime in March 2018. This gamepad will initially sell for $70. Though the Duke will seem familiar to people who cut their teeth on Microsoft’s original Xbox, this version of the gamepad is slightly different from the original. Reportedly, the new Duke has a couple of extra shoulder buttons and the Xbox One’s view and menu buttons. Reportedly, the new Duke is also significantly lighter than the original.

The new version is also lacking the large, central Xbox logo that is found on the original controller. Featuring connectivity through micro USB, the rereleased Duke is a marvelous relic from a simpler time. Seamus Blackley is one person excited about the return of the Duke. One of the co-creators of the original Xbox, Blackley was pleasantly surprised that Microsoft approved the rerelease of this classic gamepad. After all, Microsoft famously despises any older Microsoft product that can potentially take sales away from newer items. Hyperkin’s Duke is not the company’s only product aimed directly at nostalgic gamers. This company has also made a new version of the Game Boy called the Ultra GB


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