Sony Rolls Out Beta Registration For PS4 Firmware Version 5.5

The latest firmware for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is set to roll out soon. Whenever any device receives a firmware update, it’s crucial that it’s tested before going out to the public. Some severe consequences of a flawed firmware version can leave the door open for security exploits and can even brick your device. While the quality assurance team is working to ensure those issues are avoided, Sony is also turning to PS4 owners for some testing.

Beta registration is now open for those who would like to test firmware version 5.5. The PS4’s current version is at 5.03. Those who are accepted into the beta will get an early glance at the new features and improvements coming to the system. Beta signups are limited to North America, Japan, and Europe. This will also be the first time that folks living in Canada can test an upcoming firmware update for the PS4. Beta testing is set to begin in February.

If you wish to participate in the beta, you must be at least 18. To avoid any potential issues, Sony will allow beta testers to roll back to the public firmware update if a problem occurs. Testers will have the option to automatically enroll in future tests. If they do, they will be rewarded with an exclusive PlayStation Network avatar. The avatar is a blue shield with the signature PlayStation face buttons in the middle.

When it comes to how PS4 firmware betas are done, there is no ongoing program. Sony only initiates the beta process when they consider the upcoming firmware to deliver significant upgrades. This way, the community can give their feedback on the functionality of new features and whether or not they like certain changes. This can include a new user interface or running the menus faster.

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Dil Bole Oberoi