Bob Reina: Always in the Driver’s Seat, Always in the Fast Lane

Many factors have played a role in the business triumphs of Bob Reina. However, two of them stand out. One is a willingness to work hard. Indeed, since at least his young adulthood, Bob has been accustomed to long hours. As a University of South Florida student, he held multiple jobs. Even today, Bob gets up at 5:30 each morning and labors into the night.

The other major element of Bob’s longevity is vision. For decades, he’s had a clear idea of what he’s capable of and what he wants to do. Having a sense of destiny makes it easier to overcome challenges, attract employees, and inspire your team.

A “Driving” Philosophy

Bob Reina’s beliefs regarding success and personal fulfillment are fascinating. In fact, he’s put together an extended metaphor in which a person’s career is like a long road trip.

Bob feels that a professional journey takes a long time and involves many hardships. To prosper, people must be prepared to spend a great deal of time and energy honing their craft. Plus, they must never give up no matter the obstacles.

Of course, you have to chart your course before you hit the road. Just as you’d think about traffic patterns before a road trip, you should scope out your competitors before starting a business. If a certain field is crowded with other companies, you might avoid that traffic jam by finding a route that’s less busy, which is to say a corporate niche with more room to grow. You’ll also want a rough schedule, a budget, and a series of goals, which will be the roadside landmarks of your career, before you get going.

There’s the issue of desire as well. Is this really the journey you want to go on? Maybe you’re not chasing your dream. Maybe you’re trying to impress people or do what you think others want you to do. If that’s the case, your road will be much harder and bumpier. The desire to turn back may become overwhelming.

To succeed, you also need the courage to pack your things, get in the car, and leave the safety of home. That’s not as simple as it sounds. Moreover, you have to keep driving with purpose and intensity. Don’t slow down when you pass a certain milestone. Instead, keep going with determination.

Talk Fusion Has Changed Many Lives, Including Bob Reina’s

Bob Reina understands firsthand the challenges and joys of this road. He’s been traveling to his destinations for years, and he’s been driving a performance vehicle called Talk Fusion all the while.

It’s hard to believe, but Bob Reina didn’t originally set out to become a businessperson. Instead, after getting his bachelor’s degree, he attended the Tampa Police Training Academy. At that school, he was the top student in his class.

During the early 1990s, Bob was a police officer, and he worked part-time as a network marketer. However, as he was protecting and serving the public, he started to think that he may have misinterpreted his calling. He really liked and appreciated being on the police force, but something kept gnawing at him. He wanted to start his own company.

Talk Fusion is that company. It supplies businesses with state-of-the-art video marketing systems, products that let entrepreneurs attract and retain new customers. These items can take a brand’s marketing to the proverbial next level, allowing a company to grow in size and become much more profitable.

Bob conceived of Talk Fusion in 2004. One day, he was looking at a house in North Carolina and weighing whether to buy it. He took a brief video of this home on his phone, and he tried to send that clip to his family via his AOL email account. However, AOL wouldn’t let him do so.

After that experience, Bob started thinking about the state of video technology, especially for corporations. He realized that companies should be able to communicate with people all over the world instantly, and he wanted to be the one to give them that opportunity.

Bob’s next step was to get in touch with Dr. Jonathan Chen, a friend who specializes in information technology. Together, they founded Talk Fusion. Its first major offering was a basic video email platform. Later, Talk Fusion became the first company to produce and sell a single, comprehensive video marketing system.

Bob knows that success is sweeter when it’s shared with others. Thus, he’s a philanthropist. Over the years, he’s made substantial donations to many domestic and international charities. In addition, Bob has a soft spot for furry and feathery creatures. As a result, he’s funded animal-centered organizations such as the Humane Society.

Obviously, communications technologies progress rapidly these days. To stay competitive, Talk Fusion keeps innovating and reinventing itself. As he navigates the exciting road of his life, Bob Reina does likewise.

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