How Technology Is Lifting People Out Of Poverty

Econet is a company that was set up over 25 years ago. No one knew that the company would become as popular as it is today. Not only is technology changing lives, but it is also helping lift people out of poverty.

People in developing countries are using their mobile phones in order to boost their income. Many farmers use their phones to check the prices before they sell their produce. Traders are also able to accept payments using mobile phones. Additionally, it is easier for people to send money to their family members if they use a mobile phone.

One study showed that 2 percent of people in Kenyan were lifted out of poverty due to mobile services. Additionally, cell phones are encouraging many people to become entrepreneurs. There are 300 active tech hubs in Africa. It is easier now than ever before for people to start a company.

People can use mobile banking, accept payments and set their location. This allows people to grow a start-up business more quickly. Mobile technology is also being used to address the social challenges that many Africans face. People can now interact with the government and get their identities.

Furthermore, mobile technology allows people to get financial and health information. This is only the beginning. It will be interesting see how much technology changes over the next several decades. There is another technology company that launched last week called Nairobi.

Melinda Gates is the co-founder of the company. She also founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with her husband Bill Gates. The company plans on bringing new technology to people around the world. Some of the goals that Nairobi has for the future is increasing job opportunities for women, improving healthcare and education as well as improving the energy system.

Their overall goal is to reduce poverty and the negative effects of it. The company is excited about the future and plan to accomplish a lot in just two years.

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Dil Bole Oberoi