Diamond Glass Screens – Could They Be The Answer To Breakages?

For those who fear dropping their phone and cracking or shattering the screen, there is a solution that is supposed to be released in 2019 – an extra strength screen made of lab grown diamonds is currently being tested for use. Generally, phone screens are made of a protective combination of materials: Gorilla Glass that is chemically strengthened, shatterproof coating, and occasionally even sapphire crystal toppers to assist in keeping the screen intact in the event it gets dropped. But now Akhan Semiconductor, founded and run by Adam Khan, is working with a phone making company to test out the first phones installed with diamond glass.

For many people nowadays, screen breakage is a real and constant worry, but Akhan is trying to fix that by using randomly aligned crystals to help prevent deep cracks from occurring on the screen or hardware damage from happening in the phone during rough contact. Akhan Semiconductor Mirage Diamond Glass is made from lab grown diamonds, and it is supposed to be stronger and more durable than any other phone screen material previously created. It is even capable of being used in conjunction with Gorilla Glass to make for a tough screen.

Originally, Adam Khan was going to release the new diamond glass protected devices in 2017, but apparently a delay had prevented that. Now, he says he is actively testing this new technology with some device makers who have so far not been identified. The unnamed partners are supposed to be doing stress tests on the strength of the diamond glass as well as ensuring the touchscreen can work without any pause.

In addition to electrical signals having to be worked out properly, certain wrinkles in the details of manufacturing and producing lab grown diamond glass need smoothing out. Also, the partners are trying to lessen the reflectance from diamond glass, allowing for a lower brightness to be used while visibility stays uninterrupted by glare.

Although diamond glass could be used for almost any touchscreen device, Khan has said that Akhan Semiconductor is working with only a single type from the many categories, slowly working his way up. Close to a year may seem like a long wait for getting a break-proof screen, but remember that the eventual purchase likely won’t be cheap as the cost of producing lab grown diamonds and then installing them into a phone screen is expensive.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/the-first-phone-with-a-diamond-screen-will-come-in-2019


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