Founder of IDLife Logan Stout Announces Exciting Partnership with Garmin

Health and wellness is a billion dollar industry and with good reason. More people than ever before are now interested in improving their health, living a more active lifestyle, reducing stress, and living a longer lifespan free of disease and disability. Thankfully, there are many ways that individuals can improve their health and well-being and reduce their odds of suffering from disease and disability in the long run. Here we will discuss IDLife and Garmin in more detail, as well as a recent partnership that the two have undergone that offers an exciting way for individuals everywhere to improve their health.

What is IDLife?

IdLife is an up and coming health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements specifically targeted to the individual needs of customers. IDLife recognizes that not every man and woman experiences the same nutritional needs. Nutritional deficits and requirements will vary widely depending on an individual’s personal circumstances, any existing illnesses they suffer from, medications they use, and their current level of physical activity.

Many people find the concept of getting healthier to be overwhelming and complex. With so much conflicting information coming at us from all sources, it’s no wonder that people get confused or simply give up before they even get started. IDLife attempts to take the guesswork out of the important task of improving one’s health by creating a simple 3-step program that anyone can follow. Just a few simple steps can allow followers of the program to lose weight if needed, increase their energy levels, reduce their disease risk, possibly lower their need for medications, and live a happier and more satisfying life overall.

What is Garmin and what Products do they Offer?

Garmin is a technology company that specializes in wearable fitness trackers and other devices designed to enhance an active and fit lifestyle. Whether their passion is running, swimming, aerobics, cycling, or any other number of activities, Garmin provides devices that can track important details of each fitness session. This allows an individual to improve over time by comparing their previous workouts to current and future ones. Heart rate monitoring, distance traveled, time spent working out, calories burned, and many other features become easy to track and monitor with the technologically advanced products that Garmin offers.

IDLife and Garmin Create a Unique Partnership

When the goals and mission of two companies collide, it only makes sense for them to partner together to reach more people and offer the most exciting benefits possible to individuals everywhere. This is certainly the case with the partnership of IDLife and Garmin.

IDLife and Garmin share a common belief that health and wellness go far beyond a number on a scale. Both companies believe that it is an active and healthy lifestyle overall that provides the greatest protection from disease and discomfort. A healthy lifestyle also increases productivity, makes an individual happier, and can even lead to greater success in other aspects of their life as well. Therefore, the two companies focus on making positive lifestyle changes simpler to make and easier to maintain, helping to ensure that these changes become a permanent way of life for those who want to improve their health.

Garmin has more than a decade of experience with the production of some of the most technologically advanced fitness equipment on the market today. While IDLife is a much newer company, they have been gaining huge grounds in the marketplace as a unique way to fill wellness needs on a customized, individual basis. Combining these two exciting companies allows those who are fitness and health oriented to have the technology they need to track and improve workouts while having access to top of the line supplements to fill any nutritional gaps and support an active lifestyle.

Who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of IDLife. Logan was a dedicated student and earned a business degree from Panola College, as well as a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas.

As a former professional athlete, Logan understands completely the significance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. As a 17-time World Series player and sports coach, he understands the unique nutritional needs of active individuals and strives to offer the highest quality products to ensure that active individuals get all the nutrients they need to maintain this type of lifestyle.

Logan also founded the Premier Baseball Academy and uses this program to mentor young ones who have an interest in both sports and improving their lives overall. This organization is now one of the largest of its kind, connecting children aged 6 through 18 years with the coaches, mentoring, and training needed to turn them into successful athletes.

Logan Stout has also experienced success in the business world and serves as a motivational speaker and successful author as well. He makes frequent public appearances as a keynote speaker to offer his wisdom and insight into breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of people reaching their goals and dreams in life. Logan believes that with dedication and a burning desire to achieve whatever goals they desire, an individual is capable of anything they put their mind to.

Logan’s partnership with such a well-known and successful company as Garmin is sure to result in some exciting ventures in the world of fitness and athleticism while offering everyday people the option to improve their health and well-being for many years to come.

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