8 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2016

Programming Languages Play very important role in the Information technology without it We cannot develop any Program. The term programming language usually refers to high-level languages, I am not going to show you How to make Program here We will just discuss the introduction of Popular Programming Languages.  In this Section discuss the Commonly used programming are event driven others are complete object oriented languages.

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1. C Language

The C Programming language, develop in the early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories, Originally was designed as a language to write system software. Today, C is used to develop a wide variety of software, including operating systems and applications software such as word processing and spreadsheet programs. While C is a powerful programming language that requires professional programming skills

2. C++ Language

Developed In the 1980s by Bjarne Sroustrup at Bell Laboratories, C++ (Pronounced SEE-Plus-Plus) is an object oriented programming language. An extension of the C programming language, C++ includes all the elements of the C language plus has additional features for working objects, classes, events, and other object-oriented concepts. Programmers commonly use C++ to develop application software, such as word processing and Spreadsheet programs, as well as database and internet applications.

3. Fortran

FORTRAN, which stands for formula translator, was one of the first high level programming languages. Developed in the late 1950s by a team of IBM programmers led by John backus, FORTRAN was intended for scientific applications. Because FORTRAN is designed to handle complex mathematicians use it most.

4. Pascal

In the late 1960s, a Swiss scientist named Niklaus Wirth created the “Pascal” Programming language for the purpose of teaching structured programming concepts to students. French mathematician Blasé Pascal,  who developed one of the earliest calculating machines. Today, Pascal typically is used on personal computers and minicomputers to develop scientific applications.

5. ADA

In the late 1970s the U.S. Department of defense developed the ada programming language, which derived from the Pascal Programming. Ada developed by the Augusta Ada Lovelace Byron, who is thought to be the first female computer programmer. Ada originally was designed to meed the needs of embedded computer systems, which are computer systems that act as a control mechanism inside other computer. Programmers, however also use the Ada language for business applications.

6. HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language )

Hypertext markup language (HTML) is a special formatting language used to create web pages; you view a web Page written with HTML, in Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

HTML is a language that has specific syntax rules for defining the placement and format of text, graphics, video, and sound on a Web page. HTML uses tags, or markups, which are codes that specify links to other documents, as well as how the Web page displays. A Web page, thus, is a file that contains both text and HTML tags. HTML tags mark the text page to define how it displays when viewed as a Web page on the World Wide Web. Example of tags is <B> to bold text, <p> to indicate a new  Paragraph  .

You can write HTML code using any text editor or standard word processing software packages .

7. Database Query Languages

These languages are used in special kind of databases that are called relational database. The most common type of database query language is SQL ( Structured Query Language ) . The main Purpose of these languages is to enter data in databases, create databases, changing data of databases, searching specific or particular data and to apply securities on data of database.

8. Cobol

Cobol ( Common Business Oriented Language ) Developed out of a Joint effort between the U.S. government, business, and major universities I the early 1960s. Naval officer Grace Hopper, a Pioneer in Computer Programming , was a prime developer of the COBOL language,

COBOL is one of the more widely used procedural programming languages for business applications. Although COBOL programs often are lengthy , their English like statements make them easy to read, write and maintain.

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