Top 10 Shocking Facts About KFC

Top 10 shocking facts about KFC are discussed here , KFC also known as Kentucky Fried chicken is one of the most popular brands of today in the whole Universe. KFC started his business from a zero rank and reach the top. However, the chain itself is not as tame as you would think. The brand started as a restaurant attached to a gas station in 1930. Let us Watch !

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10: Introduces Chicken Items to the Fast Food Industry :

KFC is being known as ” Kentucky fried chicken “. KFC is giving highly qualified fast food services all over the world.

The most shocking facts about KFC is that it introduces Chicken to fast food industry to start chicken items and delivered it to the people. Before KFC is launched there is not such items introduced just like hamburgers and fries are common at that time.KFC started making pan-fried chicken which is a really turtle-walk process but it became easy after KFC is launched.


9 : The Name ” Kentucky Fired Chicken ” :

KFC was decided by Harman decided to change the name of his restaurant to introduce his new awesome dish, but was in doubt what to call it until the sign partner arrived. The name Kentucky was not coined by Harman though-but by a sign painter who was Don Anderson. It was really a big change to change it’s name.


8: Sanders Was One of the First Cooks to Use Pressure Fryer :

As the most shocking facts about KFC are been discussed , this is one of the shocking fact that Sanders was one of the first cooks who used pressure-fryer which was Officially released commercially in 1939. Using the fryer it is said there is a great danger to start but despite the danger of explosion Sanders started using it and achieved a good rank.


7: Sanders Was Reported to e a Heckler :

Sanders really worked hard to make his Brand most powerful in the world. He has great passion for it. When Sanders was in his youth age he was said to be a trouble creator. He left home and joined US army. He was also fired twice in different jobs for fighting beyond excess.


6: KFC Parent Company Has Many Famous Kids :

KFC is a brand everybody know that, it is presently owned by YUM! brands.They also operate or once owned Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, A&W, WingStreet, and Pizza Hut. The family reunion must be a fast food fest!


5: They have Itchy Reputation in China :

KFC continued to make his progress world-wide and setting its new branches to fill the gaps between countries of the world which are deprived of such great brand. KFC first moved his franchise to Asian Streets. The chain’s slogan used to be ‘finger-licking good,’ which was altered in 2011. But unfortunately KFC didn’t do such job of transcribing its slogan when it moved to China. So that slogan was mistakenly translated into Chinese ‘eat your fingers off.’  This made his reputation creepy that he renamed his slogan.


4: KFC First Restaurant launched in a Gas Station:

As we all know that Sanders was the founder of the Brand named KFC, did different sorts of jobs in his life time and worked very hard to run hid brand. He once in his life was used to ran a gas station. Income was reasonable, he started selling chicken out of his house to provide an easy service to earn more money. So it was the start that he served his customers on his dining table and now where he reached we can’t imagine.


3: Recipe For KFC Chicken is exactly the Same as it Was in 1940 :

KFC’s recipes that are used to cook different sorts of delicious fast food items are the same as they were in 1940 with the same qualified quality in any food items. Recipes were never be changed since now it was really one of the most shocking facts about KFC. Only the oil is changed with regular replacements to keep the food as clean as possible.


2: The company of KFC also Owns Pizza Hut and Taco bell :

When PepsiCo decided to “spin off” its restaurant division in 1997, they created Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. The company also owns the two other big brands.


1 : KFC’s First Branch didn’t Open in Kentucky, But in UTAH in 1952 :

As The KFC (Kentucky-fried-chicken) suggests that it should be based in kentucky. but the shocking fact about KFC is that it opened his first franchise in UTAH. The name Kentucky was not coined by Harman though-but by a sign painter who was Don Anderson. The man who the restaurant owner had hired. So the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” was not even in the state of Kentucky


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