Top 10 Amazing Facts about Space

Space is the field having no atmosphere, no gas , no air and no water to drink. Astronomers who travel the reachable planets took with them oxygen cylinders to survive there.

Space is amazing. There are trillions of objects , some visible and some not, are wandering here and there in hustle and bustle. There are ten amazing facts about space that are investigated are reported carefully. Let us watch the countless stars and planets and their interesting realities.

10: Uncountable Planets :

Our Solar system is based on 9 planets that are revolving continuously. It is investigated that other than these planets , thousands of others also exists that cant be seen with naked eye. Above 2000 worlds are also reported that are conformed. Astronomers who visit space to conduct an investigation over the planets say that there may be many Earth like planets in future that will support moderate life. So this fact is really most interesting in our Ten amazing facts about space.

9: Peeling of skin due to Micro-Gravity :

An amazing fact about space is that the gravity is 1/6th of the gravity on Earth. A man cant stand on any planet even on the moon where you are just weightless. astronomers don’t use their feet to troll so the skin on their feet become slimy and starts peeling off. Astronomers have to wear exactly the same socks that are later to be removed with great care others wise sloughed cells starts wandering in the space.

8: One Million Earths Can be Packed inside the Sun :

Sun is the main planet of our solar system that it too hot that it burns of the objects that tries to reach it. Its diameter is so huge that millions of earths could be packed inside it. Previous theories are modified and the result is here that Sun is the central part of our Solar system. The sun makes up the 99 percent of the Whole planets in our solar system.

7: Long height in space :

Micro-gravity in space affects various factors. One of them is the increase in height of a man. As we know that gravity is nearly zero in space due to far distance from the attraction of Earth. May be other planets have force of gravitation of their own but their effect is not too much to disturb the object in space. So you are unable to move down that is only you are going upward like a gas that increases your height by 5 cm.

6: Extreme Weather Conditions :

This is also an fact that weather conditions are so severe on some planets that do not allow you to withstand. you feel like you are stranded there. Earth is the only planet so far that can support life. Stars are so hot that everything there could be burnt like flames of fire. There are some temperate belts that are comparatively colder but not moderate to have life.Jupiter has fast winds and wind storms. So these harmful conditions don’t support life.

5: Tears don’t fall when you Cry in Space :

This is also one of the ten amazing facts about space. While you are in space your tears will not fall but starts floating like fizzling bubbles. As everything is weightless in space due to zero gravity. So tears forms bubbles around your bubbles and try to move upside. ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano suffered a space suit leak whilst on a spacewalk. Water leaked into his hat and other body parts.

4: Metal Sticks together in Space :

As we all know that space is vacuum where there is no air. One amazing fact that everybody should know is the process of “Cold-Welding”. During this process if we brings two metal pieces close to each other they become attached like a bond. This not happens on earth because of oxygen present all around that forbids the process to happen. It is done on industrial scale to produce some ridiculous items.

3: Venus day is longer than a year :

On Earth the day is about to complete in 24 hours. Earth completes a round trip around Sun in approx one day(24 hrs). But let you know about an incredible fact that Venus(a planet) takes a round trip in 224.8 earth days and takes 243 Earth days to revolve on its axis once.

2: Nebulae come in all shapes and sizes :

Let us discuss another amazing fact about space. Cloud is said as ” Nebula” in the Latin language.There are some trash areas where various stars are created and then destroyed. The space clouds come in variable shapes and sizes and are made up of gases and small dust particles.These beautiful clouds produce a good feeling for the astronomers that see them with high-power microscopes. They are not visible with naked eyes but highlight the fact that there is a lot more happenings in the sky.

1: Foot Prints become carved in space for million years:

This is one of the most amazing facts about space in our Top ten list. As we all know that space is deprived of any air or atmosphere which means there is no such thing that can flew away the surface and no water to clean up the prints. So it proves that foot-prints of Astronomers will stay there for million of years. This impressed us a lot.

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Dil Bole Oberoi