Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Measuring the lengths of longest river is really like drilling a mountain. Its an uphill task to do. There have been many disputes on the exact measurement of the two rivers ” River Nile and River Amazon. But here we have a list of ten longest rivers in the world. This actually is made upon considering from where the river is rising and falling.

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So here is the top ten countdown..

10 : Amur – Argun, Asia

amur river

Area Occupied : 4,444km (2,763 miles).

This river comes up at last in ten longest rivers in the world. It connects the border between two main countries Russian Far East and Northeastern China. Amur river ranks last in ten longest rivers of the world. Let us continue …

9: Congo – Chambeshi, Africa

congo river

Area Occupied : 4,700km (2,922 miles)

We have seen many rivers having a depth of uncountable figures , the same is here , The world’s deepest river with the depth more than 220 m (720 ft) also the third largest river that has a vast volume of water discharged in it. Congo river is called zaire in good old times.his river together with its tributaries flow via Congo rainforest, the 2nd biggest rainforest in the world after Amazon Rainforest.

8: Parana – , South America

 Parana – , South America

Area Occupied : 4,880km (3,030 miles)

Parana to river flows in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay . Average discharge of water is 17,290 cubic meters per-second.

7 : Ob – Irtysh, Asia

 Ob – Irtysh, Asia

Area Occupied : 5,410km (3,364 miles).

It flows in the given : Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia. OB is a major river in Western Siberia having 12,475 cubic meters’ per-second discharge of water per second.

6: Yellow River, China

Yellow River, China

Area Occupied : 5,464km (3,395 miles).

Also known as Huang He, it is the second-longest river in Asia after the Yenisei. The river originates in the Bayan Har mountain in western china. The Yellow river flows through eight more provinces and at last drains into Bohai Sea near the city of Dongying in Shandong province. The total area occupied is 742,442 square kilometers.

5: Yenisei – Angara – Selenge, Asia

Yenisei – Angara – Selenge, Asia

Area Occupied : 5,539km (3,445 miles)

This river makes its way mainly from Russia and the rest in Mongolia. This river ends up in Arcrtic ocean. The river comes up in mid of the longest river list due to its generosity.

4: Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson, North America

Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson, North America

Area Occupied : 6,275 km (3,902 miles).

This river makes its way from United States and rest of it via Canda and flows towards the Gulf of Mexico. This river offers many tributes that allows him to challenge the other longest rivers and be the part of longest rivers. While flowing, this river passes through the borders of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas and others.

3: Yangtze River, China

Yangtze River, China

Area Occupied : 6,300 km (3,917 miles).

Yangtze River of China is the longest river in asia owe to China being the part of Asia. This river after its journey empties into East China and shanghai. This river occupies nearly 1/5th of Country, China and has largest water discharge volume.

2: Amazon River, South America :

Amazon River, South America :

Area Occupied : 6,400 km (3,976 miles)

The river amazon of America is the second largest river in the world.The whole water quantitu that it ocupies can never be counted with an ordinary instrument so it has a vast volume of water discharge . The countries through which amazon river flows are like Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. The Amazon is not only the second longest river but also has a greath breadth as well and covers up a vast area.

1: Nile River, North-East Africa :

 Nile River, North-East Africa :

Area Occupied : 6,650 km (4,132 miles)

The river which is known to every child of today that River Nile of Cairo is the longest river in the world.This river due to its uncountable water quantity is sharing some of its areas with Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. It is providing many beneficial services to the nearby people. The Nile drains about 10% of the Whole Africa. This river is said to be the life source for the habitants of Egypt and Spain.

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