Top 10 Shocking Weird Facts about Dreams

I Dreamt last night so it gave me an idea to Count down a list of 10 Shocking weird facts about dreams. Almost every specie that has life in it dreams. Although the cases are different that are written in our list.

Dreaming is one of the strange and most interesting experiences of every mankind. Dreams originate from our belly and our mind intercepts them and tend us to do action against your own dreams. So let us watch out 10 weird facts about dreams.

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10: Blind People dreams as Normal :

Here We are discussing about 10 weird facts about dreams. Blind people who are the part of our life too. The people who are not able to see the visual and realities of surroundings are no more blind to see dreams while sleeping. Blind people are however can’t see but their other 4 senses are quite well to work. So the sea dreams having vivid images as normal people do.

9: Black and White Dreams:

Majority of the people dreams in Black and White. This is really a weird fact that 12% of the sighted people face color-less dreams. These are not mere facts that are described but are proved in the studies from 1912 till 1950’s. People are not more known to these kind of dreams. But the high-studies in 1960’s disclosed the fact that 4.9% of people under 20 years of age found themselves in their black Dreams.

8: Animals Dream too :

These are not only human beings who are able to see dreams at night while animals too dream while they are in a nap. Sometimes , may we are experienced that some creatures like dogs while in s deep slumber move their paws in an orderly manner. This proofs the fact that animals dream like normal Homo Sapiens.

7: Body Paralysis :

Let’s us put some information in our minds about the fact of paralysis of body. Paralysis (immovable condition in which an organism face difficulties in moving its body parts), is a condition a man faces in his/her dreams. There are two kinds of sleep one of them is REM ( rapid-eye-movement) is a normal kind of sleep characterized by the movement of eyes. During this kind of sleep our body is Paralysed in order to stop us to taking an action seriously as in films Ghosts do.

6: Working of Brain :

Many people think so that during dreams we are not able to think , not able to move but is that our mind works ? The answer is Yes. Let us discuss that our brand has two autonomic systems that are further branched into two systems ( Sympathetic and para-sympathetic). Both works antagonistically. The weird fact is that these two systems are normally active while you are facing dreams. The systems handle our emergency situations and then restoring them.

5: Men and Women Dream Differently :

The dreaming of the two genders are a little bit different in their time period. Usually men see other men in their dreams and if we turn the other side of picture the females contains almost both men and women in their dreams. Aside from that men have more aggressive emotions in their dreams.

4: Orgasms in your dreams :

That is really one noticeable fact in our 10 weird facts about dreams. Orgasms are the extreme conditions of your feelings and emotions that is usually faced by men more than women. Somehow may called as ” WET DREAMS ” . The senses of touch , pleasure and pressure are in their extreme conditions that causes heart beat to increase.

3: Dreams Prevent Psychosis :

That is really a strange fact I came to know that most of the people when were awakened after an horrible dream, but still let them to complete their necessary sleep experienced signs and symptoms of psychosis after only 3 days. The man comes pyshco and just thinks about what happened in his last dream and move madly with disturbed mind.

2: We only dream for the faces we know :

As in daily life, we are known to many strangers of our daily life. When we dream in our sleep we see the faces that are real and we have talked them once or seen them at any place. They are the people we see in our daily life. The man that was in your last dream may be a worker at your DAD’s office or an assistant somewhere. So the faces are endless and we can’t stop dreaming.

1: Every Body that Exists, dreams :

So we have read about 10 weird facts about dreams. Everybody that exists dreams in nights. Every human being dreams except they are in any psychological disorder. Some people are having insomnia (Sleep-less conditions), so they cant force themselves to sleep so the dreams less as are having less sleep time. Different cases are listed above that men and women dreams differently.

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Dil Bole Oberoi