Top 10 Interesting Facts about Vaccines

So! What are Vaccines? Vaccines are actually attenuated cultures of viruses or bacteria of a particular disease against which the vaccine is to be used. This statement means that vaccines are actually weakened viruses or bacteria which are injected to a person so that they can stimulate the immune system of that person without causing that particular disease. Anyhow, some of the interesting facts about vaccines are listed below :

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Vaccines

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So Let’s Discuss the Top 10 Facts about Vaccines

10: Vaccination Before Disease Occurrence

The concept behind vaccination is actually “prevention” of a disease or “protection” form a particular disease. As already mentioned, vaccines include weakened pathogens and will stimulate our immune systems but will not be able to cause disease. By doing this, we make our immune system active and responsive about future interactions with those pathogens.

9: Elimination of Diseases

With the proper and timely usage of vaccines – many of the diseases of the past are now eliminated from our environment. Till 1979 Small pox proved itself as a disaster. Small pox was a serial killer which lead to deaths of approx. 300 million people till 1979. Anyhow, with proper vaccination programs we have wiped out this disease successfully.

8: Save Money

Included in interesting facts about vaccines list – this one is really worth reading. Vaccines also save money. Obviously, vaccines are injected into the body before the infection and hence we prevent that infection from occurring. But if that infection would have happened, the treatment would have cost so much more than that vaccine. Moreover, Vaccines are playing a very important role in the budget of our medical facilities i.e less infected persons – less chances of governmental expenditures on their treatment.

7: Saving Lives

According to UNICEF, Vaccination will save a large number of lives if we continue vaccination programs. The stats about this statement are somewhat like ” 25 Million Lives would be saved if we continuously vaccinate people till 2020. We couldn’t have written anything else among interesting facts about vaccines if we haven’t included this point.

6: Price of a Vaccine?

Well! Lets just compare the ability of a vaccine of saving a life with the cost of that vaccine. Vaccines are actually very cheap. According to UNICEF Hepatitis B vaccine is of 0.16$ and BCG vaccine which fights tuberculosis is of $0.07. Anyhow, the whole programs for the globe can cost much more but still saving a life for much less than a dollar is a deal worth making.

5: Presence of Mercury:

Among other interesting facts about vaccines – this one is actually outrageous. Vaccines are though to have mercury and CDC also admits this thing. Mercury can be very dangerous for our health. Actually it is believed that mercury should not be injected in our bodies not even a trace amount of it.

4: Other Additives:

CDC – Centers for disease control even say that vaccines contain other additives too which include Aluminium, Formaldehyde and Mono Sodium Glutamate. Formaldehyde is used for weakening of viruses. Anyhow, these additives can be toxic but still they are used in the preparation of vaccines and are actually part of those vaccines.

3: Herd Immunity :

Herd Immunity – this term actually means that if you have vaccinated a major portion of a community or a group and their immune system have gone responsive. Then the remaining unvaccinated portion of that community is also less likely to get that disease. This can be due to the fact that mostly pathogens require vectors to get transmitted and sometimes the vectors get those pathogens from infected persons and then inject them, somehow, into bodies of healthy people. So less stock of pathogens – less transmission.

2: Impedance:

Even though there are many benefits of the vaccine usage – in some parts of the world resistance is shown against vaccination programs. In countries e.g Afghanistan and Nigeria, polio is present due to the fact that people have some myths about vaccines and they don’t want their children to take shots or oral vaccines .

1: Vaccine Court:

There is an actual vaccine court and recently the US supreme court has declared that the vaccine court is a higher power that the supreme court. Now there are many talks about it. Some people are standing with this thing while some are against it. It is also though that its a violation of basic human rights and constitution itself.

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Dil Bole Oberoi