New Startup SimplyCook Delivers On Their Promise

With the startup market almost over-saturated with an abundance of brilliant companies that aim to help make our everyday lives a little bit easier with their products and services, it truly is wondrous to see a niche market being filled and demanded by consumers. Recently, startups have discovered that there is an incredible niche demand for cooking services. Companies such as Blue Apron, Marley Spoon and others provide recipes for consumers, and even provide “grocery shopping services” to bring fresh ingredients to your house. However, one company is making headlines for receives its funding, and may provide consumers an affordable option for their cooking services, as well as some healthy competition for others.

SimplyCook, a new startup that aims to provide consumers with cooking knowledge and supplies that they need has emerged to the forefront of various known cooking startups, and has plans to provide consumers with an affordable approach to their business model. CEO Oli Ashness’ goal is to not try and outright replace ( a weekly routine of grocery shopping, but rather to focus on recipe information that consumers may have not thought of otherwise. SimplyCook aims to provide consumers with “ingredient kits”, which contain assorted cooking materials such as spices, sauces, herbs, and most importantly recipe cards. The ingredient kits are quantified in such a way that these ingredients that are provided to the consumer are measured just enough to ensure that you have recipes and enough materials to plan out your meals for the week.
Most importantly, the startup plans to compete with other cooking startups by providing a competitive price that can’t be beat. Since the company has received their goal in funding, the plan now is to create an affordable service for others to utilize which costs only £8.99 to cook your family 4 new meals. The big difference as mentioned before is that the company doesn’t shop for your ingredients, but provides a niche way of delivering delicious food by providing you with all the information necessary to make your own cuisine.
Startups have a lot going against them when you consider the challenges of marketing, financing, and competition. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like SimplyCook will be another forgotten startup with brilliant ideas. By delivering on the niche aspects of a market, they will no doubt become a thriving business that they set out to be. In no time, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious home cooked meals that you made courteous of the right resources provided by SimplyCook.

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Dil Bole Oberoi